Saturday, August 7, 2010

Artwork + Distractions vs. Family Fun + Life Stuff...

Just a little update here...I've been painting and drawing but with all the other family events and life stuff going on I just haven't had a chance to blog or post my work here! I also have been getting a bit distracted by the clutter slowly creeping in and I can't really work like that so I had to reorganize certain areas. That's one thing that's a bit annoying, I try to be organized but for some reason these little areas in random spots appear and it just distracts me too much sometimes! It's another one of those ADHD things I deal with...add to that the clutter in my mind when I get too many ideas. I know I should write them down...but when I finally get around to it I forget or can't decide which idea to focus on could be a bit frustrating. ;)

As for the wonderful distractions such as fun family times...last weekend was sooo fun!! Last Saturday my husband Artie and I went to his cousins for a party and we ended up singing karoake!! I actually sang in front of his family for the first time and it felt great! I sing all the time with my family but for some reason I was never brave enough to do it for my in laws. It's not that I don't feel confident in my voice but I think it had more to do with how uncomfortable I was with my appearance. So anyways, I sang 'Unwritten' to my nieces and nephews and just seeing them look at me with sparkly eyes and the biggest smiles just made my day! My most favorite moment for me though was later in the evening when my Artie & I sang "How Deep Is Your Love" together! So fun!! Then on Sunday we hosted a bar b-que at our home for my side of the family and had a nice time just chillin' together! Later tonight my parents are having a party so that's gonna be fun too!

Life Stuff...which happens to also be fun...I have decided to 'DANCE' every day from now on!! In an effort to exercise daily...I tried walking but it is way to boring for me and I realized that every time I go dancing at family parties I can actually feel my metabolism on fire, especially dancing to Salsa, Cumbias or Merengae! I also remember that when I was younger and always dancing (before meeting my dearly beloved) ~ that I was always thin...never had a weight problem. So I am gonna be dancing my way to a healthier life!

*Life is too short not to be dancing, singing, drawing or painting anyways!!