Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Voice Of Thanksgiving...

My newest painting...Faith
Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
~Ephesians 5:20

I am so thankful for all the Lord has done for me and for what he continues to bless my life with!  I have been going through a very tough storm recently in my life...It's a place I never thought I'd ever be but the Lord has given me peace in my heart and I know that he is by my side and whatever the outcome of the situation it will be whatever is best for me and my husband's life...God's will is the best after all!!

*My Life's Anthem:  Unbreakable by Fireflight

So now I will keep pressing on...I have alot to do in this little life of mine...and the messages in my artwork is part of it!  Above is a new piece I am finishing up...I'm planning to add scripture but not sure where or if I should hand paint or stamp it...I'm sure it'll come to me soon! :)

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Be on the lookout as I will be adding more goodies I'm gonna be enjoying my family time and giving lots of Thanks to God!!  :) Gina

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Stretched and pulled...To a new perspective

*I actually began this post with the 1st paragraph about a month ago and just didn't feel sure if it was ready...adding the rest today I know that I didn't yet experience what I needed to fully express this new perspective!'s long but not as long as it looks since I made the font size large.  ;)

For the last few months I have been going through an interesting really feels like I'm being spiritually and emotionally stretched and's really a little complicated to explain but I felt that I needed to just blog how I've been feeling about this time of my life right now.

More recently alot of things about this world and things for me spiritually have been revealed and it has greatly impacted my perspective/view down to my soul...I know this is deep but most people that know me know that I am very spiritual and so this statement is just me...a very deeply spiritual person...being as such I have been praying even more and even more deeply.

I prayed often before but usually only for my own personal and family & friends needs...but now I pray every day for the whole world...we REALLY need HOPE in this my perspective...JESUS is our ONLY HOPE!!  So if ever there is a time to pray for the world...the time is NOW!

What has been revealed to me happened in layers after praying for answers to things I have to deal with in my life...things that most people don't...I have found answers that have validated me and my experiences and then there are things that have been revealed that I didn't even ask about...some even about our world of which are very disturbing...but it led me to keep teaching what I always teach my Confirmation Students when they ask me about all the 'end of time' rumors...we all must be READY for our own end time...keep that in mind as you live your life...keep Jesus close...again I'll say...he is our ONLY hope!

Before these revelations I would not be so bold as to post my 'deeper' feelings of these matters but it's like the Lord has put it in my heart to be like a 'voice crying out in the wilderness' hopes that someone will hear...someone who needs to...if I'm meant to only reach that 'one' lost sheep then I have done my mission. It is my same view as when I teach Confirmation each year with my husband...we know we can't reach all of them but if we are able to help even only one then we've done our mission...we are being blessed with many students coming to us and letting us know that we have made a difference...some have even said they didn't believe until our class...that's what I'm here mission in life!

As for my the past it has mainly been for a form of therapy...same as my singing, I usually only sing for the Lord...but I have for years known in my heart that these gifts were for more than that...just wasn't ready for it, still not really but I feel I don't have a choice anymore!  I have recieved through the years some artwork that I felt were 'Spiritually Inspired' and my latest one came to me at 3:00 am on Oct. 6th and it is a painting of Blessed Mother Mary holding baby it's titled 'Holding onto Hope'.

I have wanted to paint Mary w/baby Jesus since I began painting again around 7 yrs ago...I would even dream of them...but I didn't feel confident enough in my work...especially since my dream paintings looked like masterpieces...which I'm totally not there yet!  But this one painting I felt soo good was a successful expression!  So you can expect more of my 'Spiritual Expressions' to come... more than before...of course I still need to do my 'therapuetic art' here and there but now my artwork too has a mission!

In addition to these husband and I have for years wanted to start a praise band...he even finally got a drum set and has been practicing for a little over a year we will be working on that part of our mission PRAISE the Lord together...I will definately be mentioning more about that too!

I have also decided to do something for myself...for my personal and artlife growth...I was soo excited when I found out that a new Art Gallery opened up in my local Mall here in Moreno Valley... I really love all the plans the founder has and upon hearing that he needed volunteers I decided that I want to be a part of this movement...the gallery is called 'Vanguard Art Gallery' and I will definately be posting more about this as well!  I know that this is an another answered prayer for me as I would ask the Lord to lead and guide me to someone or a group who can help me to learn how to properly show my work and all the other things I need to establish myself as an artist.

About our foster/adopt's a long complicated situation but it is in process...since this is a 'family sensitive' case I can't say too much but we are just keeping this in God's hands as there is no better place for it...we are Trusting in HIM to resolve this quickly for us!  We are hoping to hear good news this please keep us in prayer for this...we greatly appreciate it!

So this is why I've been too busy to post as often as I should but I will try to more often than I have!  Please keep me in mind should you desire for me to create a custom artwork as a gift or for your home as I need to get my own car before we have our beautiful daughter and possibly son to be placed in our home!!  With that...God bless and have a wonderful week!  Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina