Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fluttering about...what I've been up to...

*************A Personal Update*****************

I've been living life...not quite to the fullest yet...but I'm getting there!!  Things are really turning around for us over here and I believe with all my heart that things are going to just keep getting better!!  Spiritually I feel like I am in a new more mature understanding level...I have always been a woman of strong faith but when you go through trials sometimes you ask why or how know?  I was dealing with some personal trials for the past couple of years but around July I felt my faith change.  At first I wasn't sure if it was in a good way but only because it was different, it was as though my faith was being tested and then I realized that I passed the test!!  I know the trials will be a part of life but it feels good to know that I've made it this far.  I know I am still a work in progress...and I love that...knowing that the Lord isn't done with me yet.  :)

So with all the revelations of things I needed to do...changes I needed to make I feel that I am finally on the right track in all areas of my's a state of life I've never experienced...and being stuck in a cocoon stage for so many years it feels so wonderful to finally be able to fluttering about...seeing the world in a whole different view!  I thank the Lord for bringing me to this place of peace and joy...and I look forward to all the even more wonderful and joyous things coming my way!

*My Artwork & Jewelry Designs Update*

For those of you who are interested...I have been busy with commissioned work this year from artwork to custom designed jewelry which is why I haven't had the chance to set up my etsy shop in time for the Christmas and Holiday shopping but I am currently getting things ready to get it set up.  I hope to get it set up by this weekend...hopefully Saturday!  I will be making art prints, magnets, cards, jewelry and other home decor with my artwork available to purchase.

Right now I am finishing up a beautiful custom necklace and some Christmas Card designs so I do have time to fit in a couple of more custom orders if you contact me no later than this coming Wednesday.  If you would like to have me create custom artwork or jewelry you can contact me at:  I will need at least a week to complete the work but I can only guarantee local orders (Southern California) will be there before Christmas.  So if anyone lives out of state, I would be happy to create custom art or jewelry for you but just know it may not get to you before Christmas due to the delivery process.

Love blogging again and I hope to do this more often...especially since I can actually post again!  Hope you all enjoy this wonderful season of Christmas!  Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina :)


I'll Spread My Wings & I'll Learn How to Fly...

(I wrote this back in July and for some reason I wasn't able to post it or anything else until now.)

Learning how to fly...that's what my current daily art journal's theme is...I am going through a new phase of life...It's the part obviously where I'm flapping my wings know working out the muscles! With that comes the full range of emotions of excited, anxious, optimistic, yet afraid but willing to do it afraid!! I feel I'm in a good state right now!
I'm done with the looking behind because I am so excited about my future and all the blessings that I know the Lord has planned for me!! I am feeling more aware of what I need to do in my life and that is a whole lot of things! :) I have been very busy recently with lots of life stuff like family birthday parties and Bar B-Ques with friends and I've also been making and selling jewelry as well as paintings!
God bless you! Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina :)