Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm still here!

Things have been a whirlwind for me lately...trying to stay on top of things and with an increase of activities and events I haven't had a chance to update this blog. I decided to tone down this blog a little as I realized that it was pretty much too distracting to me! lol I've been drawing here and there and even been working on designing some digi kits as time allows but I haven't had a chance to finish my projects up. Recently I added being a Pampered Chef Consultant to the mix so that's had me busy too! :)

Like most people, things have been tough financially but I'm optimistic that things are going to get better. I really do need to work though but it's hard for me with the ADD thing...I really wish I could have help with that. I was hoping my artwork would sell but it hasn't really...just a few pieces but then again I am really bad about marketing and promoting so not really too many people are exposed to my work. Soo maybe one day that'll happen for me...staying as optimistic
as possible!

Well if time is good to me today I do hope to actually paint again's been a couple of months again...don't know why I've been soo distracted from painting and the creative flow has dwindled again. So I feel like I need to make myself paint most likely I'll do something more expressive/abstract just to get to playing with the paint again!

God bless, Gina

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Artwork + Distractions vs. Family Fun + Life Stuff...

Just a little update here...I've been painting and drawing but with all the other family events and life stuff going on I just haven't had a chance to blog or post my work here! I also have been getting a bit distracted by the clutter slowly creeping in and I can't really work like that so I had to reorganize certain areas. That's one thing that's a bit annoying, I try to be organized but for some reason these little areas in random spots appear and it just distracts me too much sometimes! It's another one of those ADHD things I deal with...add to that the clutter in my mind when I get too many ideas. I know I should write them down...but when I finally get around to it I forget or can't decide which idea to focus on could be a bit frustrating. ;)

As for the wonderful distractions such as fun family times...last weekend was sooo fun!! Last Saturday my husband Artie and I went to his cousins for a party and we ended up singing karoake!! I actually sang in front of his family for the first time and it felt great! I sing all the time with my family but for some reason I was never brave enough to do it for my in laws. It's not that I don't feel confident in my voice but I think it had more to do with how uncomfortable I was with my appearance. So anyways, I sang 'Unwritten' to my nieces and nephews and just seeing them look at me with sparkly eyes and the biggest smiles just made my day! My most favorite moment for me though was later in the evening when my Artie & I sang "How Deep Is Your Love" together! So fun!! Then on Sunday we hosted a bar b-que at our home for my side of the family and had a nice time just chillin' together! Later tonight my parents are having a party so that's gonna be fun too!

Life Stuff...which happens to also be fun...I have decided to 'DANCE' every day from now on!! In an effort to exercise daily...I tried walking but it is way to boring for me and I realized that every time I go dancing at family parties I can actually feel my metabolism on fire, especially dancing to Salsa, Cumbias or Merengae! I also remember that when I was younger and always dancing (before meeting my dearly beloved) ~ that I was always thin...never had a weight problem. So I am gonna be dancing my way to a healthier life!

*Life is too short not to be dancing, singing, drawing or painting anyways!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nostalgia and other randomness...

I can't believe how once upon a time I used to live for Saturdays, and now they are just not quite the same. I guess it's because I am just in this mode of 'living life to the fullest'...not that I'm celebrating everywhere all the time, it's a more simple lifestyle that I'm enjoying now. So right now, I'm enjoying the quiet Saturday evening with my window open and the night noises of the crickets chirping away. The only thing reminding me that it's a Saturday is the distant laughing, chattering and Mariachi music coming from a party down the street...which is actually comforting as it reminds me of when we used to have parties when my grandma was alive! I guess you can say I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. :)

Speaking of nostalgia...I have some new art that fits in that theme: *Vintage Flying Hearts*
This is my newest edition I'm working on...these are all going to have the same colors and Vintage/antique style to them but each piece will be different looking Flying Hearts. The edges are all finished in black and ready to hang. I made the top edges appear to be 'inked'...which I totally love! These can be collected as a collection or individually. Later I will be making them available as prints but for now I've got the originals up in my Etsy boutique!

So this is the first one of the series: "Finally, Love has arrived..."

The 2nd: "You Make My Heart Soar"

The next few pieces are totally random styles. Sometimes when I paint I get 'expressional' or even sometimes I feel more 'spiritual'. In this painting below 'Cross of Faith' it was actually a painting I was in a spiritual fact I was praising the Lord while painting the background and cross.

This piece "Visitations" also created in a spiritial mode but the outcome reminded me more of Disneyland for some reason! lol!
As you can see, my styles vary quite a bit...I don't like to feel that I have to do things only one way...especially when I'm feeling creative! I am still working on more artwork and actually finishing up a piece that I am planning to 'Give Away' this coming week! So come back on Monday for more information about that! Well thanks for stopping by...I hope your enjoying the nostalgia and random sounds of life going on around you now at this moment too! God bless you all...Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Etsy Boutique is officially open!

Wow! I finally did it! I actually am on a good start in my Etsy shop! I have a total of 20 pieces of artwork for sale...I'm still working on it too...have at lease 5 more to add plus way more artworks in process! If your looking for some new artwork, I hope you'll browse through my just might find something you like! :) The link to my boutique is in the sidebar but here's another link just to make it easy: Cre8tvlyYrsGina's Arts & Crafts Boutique
I recently decided to add 'crafts' to the title for my boutique because once in a while I get 'crafty' and when I do I'll be selling them in the boutique too! :)

Since it would take forever to post the pics here I created a slideshow from flickr:

I will be doing a 'Grand Opening' Artwork Give Away...which I will post later today or tomorrow the latest so please come by for that!! :) Thanks for stopping by & have a blessed day everyone!
Cre8tvlyyrs, Gina

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today is where my book begins...

I feel like the song "Unwritten" ...staring at the blank page before you, open up the dirty window, let the sun illuminate the words that you cannot find...reaching for something in the distance, so close you can almost taste it, release your is where your book begins...the rest is still unwritten...
Yep that's where I'm at right now! I can feel the inspiration for sooo many projects of ideas I've had for years come alive and it's really exciting! When this song first came out my husband told me that it reminded him of me. Funny thing was that I didn't see that back then...I think because I was still in a negative state from being depressed over my grandma's passing away...

I had just finished getting my 1st children's story published and I was getting ready to look into ways to self promote when my grandma got sick. Within a month she died...and so did my enthusiasm for everything that I was artwork, my story, my just being happy with family & friends.

So my husband was seeing me as the way I was before and at that time I was soo not mentally ready for inspiration even though I was desperately needing it! But now, I hear this song and it's sooo me! I know the Lord is telling me that it's time to move forward with enthusiasm release my inhibitions. Today is where my book begins...the rest is still unwritten!

The cool thing about this is that lately I've been drawing this cute lil' bear and I felt immediately that she was so cute I had to continue drawing her in different outfits and soon I started to feel that finally I have the new character I've been trying to create! I have been wanting to write more children's stories for years as I always have ideas for more but I was stuck w/out a character...I guess that's how I!

Here's a few paintings I created using some of the characters as gifts for my neices on their Birthdays:

This is Baby Bea's Big sister Betty who loves ladybugs so much that she decided to dress as one! Actually I created this one especially for my Goddaughter/neice Lexi...she was the inspiration for this character because of how much she loves ladybugs! :) "Just Bloom" is actually a quote from my 1st children's story "The Rose In Floralsopar".

Now this is the main character: 'Baby Bea' who's full name is Beatrice Beary. She is only a year old so her character is actually inspired by my 1 yr old niece Zoey! I painted this for my niece Natalie's B-day and she loved this! She's a girly girl who loves pink and polka dots...the look on her face when she opened this was soo touching and will be a precious memory to me always!

As you can see I'm inspired greatly by my nieces as well as my nephews! I am also working on finishing up some artwork to sell, as well as getting pics prepared to post for the etsy shop, and I plan on posting a painting daily. Well, I have much more work to do and also need to start dinner. Have a blessed day everyone! Cre8tvlyYrs ~ Gina :)

P.S. Boy, I sure didn't plan on writing a novela here! lol!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Faith is all it takes, to walk on the water...

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my newly 'remodeled' blog! :)

I've been very busy this past week finishing up, starting new, and taking pictures of more finished artwork to get my Etsy Art Boutique set up! I'm really excited about this as well as a little nervous about putting myself out there...which is what the title of this post is all about. I had been hesitating to take this step for a while due to my inner fear of rejection that I'm sure most artists go through...I realized that the Lord gave me this gift of creativity and passion for art for a reason so with that...I need to keep my faith strong and take this walk on the water...what do I have to fear anyways? Jesus is there on the water with here I go...stepping out in faith! :)

If your an Art collector or just looking for some new Art to decorate your home, I hope you will consider my artwork. I have original paintings on both canvas and canvas paper as well as prints available to choose from. The original paintings on canvas paper and artwork prints look exceptionally beautiful matted and in frames.

I also have a variety of styles that I like to paint such as abstract/expressional, whimsical multi-media collaged paintings to whimsical children illustration drawings and paintings. I have so many drawings that I haven't even started to paint be on the lookout for those! I will also be offering many of my paintings and drawings as greeting cards, magnets, and so much more in the near future.

So with all that, I'd like to invite you to visit my Art Boutique ~ Here's a link to my Etsy shop:
Please keep in mind that I am still in process of adding more art in the next few days. Also, there are some originals that will not be offered as prints so be sure to get them if you really want them.

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read about my venture here! Please feel free to leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you! :)
Have a blessed day! Cre8tvlyYrs ~ Gina :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Leap of Faith...Be Brave!

I am always amazed at how fast time just zooms by! Especially how it's been over a month since I last posted here! Not that anyone's noticed...I am actually pretty sure that I don't have any readers here...and I'm ok with that! This blog is really my digital art journal anyways, just a way for me to document my art journey. If there happens to be a reader or two...hope I'm at least entertaining for ya! ;)

Well, since I last posted here I actually have been creating and painting here and there...finally moving into a more 'consistent' phase! Lately I've just been having fun painting backgrounds, backgrounds and even more backgrounds! I took some photos of them to post but I'm not really happy with the pics of them...they really are more colorful and so fun...I really need a better quality camera! Since these were painted on canvas paper I will try scanning these and see if there's a better outcome...for now here's a little peak at a few of them:

The 1st one is actually on canvas and has more blues and a little collaging on the edges, the 2nd one was more of a spiritually led type of work, and the bottom backgrounds were created all in fun! I am working on other things but lately I'm mostly creating backgrounds!
This weeks goal: I will begin selling my artwork in my etsy shop!! I actually don't have a choice...I need to just be brave and move forward already! We all know how money is tight and jobs are hard to find right now, well for me with all my health conditions...let's just say it's a bit more challenging for me to find a job. Sooo, I've realized for a while now that I need to use the talents that I've got...I'm not all too bad with art and being creative so I figure I got to at least try. I mean really try...I've had an etsy shop but I've never promoted it...not even to my family and friends!!

So here's where the part about me being brave...I need to just take that leap of faith!! No more wasting is way to short for that!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

On my way now...getting ready to try out my wings!

I did it...well at least the main part! It really felt good to just move or as I like to call "dance" my paintbrush on the canvas! I am planning to add some new techniques to this so I'll post it as soon as it's officially finished! I really like the richness of the colors on the black background and what's even cooler is that I don't have to outline my painted subject. As I'm developing my style I noticed that I really like to outline my art w/ black or even white as it really makes them pop!!

I was going through my artwork yesterday as I was showing a dear friend of mine what I've been up to and I can't believe that it's been already 3 years since I began painting again! I've always been drawing for years but didn't begin painting on canvas until 2007. I used to paint here and there before but more like home decor type of know like tole painting on wood pieces for gifts and holiday craft fairs. I used to be really into crafting and even used to sell at little crafts fairs magnets and wall plaques for decorations. It's funny because even though I enjoyed creating those pieces sometimes they they would come out too 'artsy' which led me to eventually follow my heart! So now I will be getting ready to try out my out world...I'm on my way now!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Taking baby steps...

with my creativity: Here's my newest Artwork in Progress, which I haven't yet felt inspired with a title for yet. I have a few 16"x20" canvases that I had painted black a while back to try painting on black instead of white, so I sketched a flying heart on it and began to paint...a little.

Back before I had that hospital scare I would have painted a whole painting and then perhaps even start a new one. But these days...let's just say that I am happy just to be painting again. I never would have thought that I would be in a state of creative halt that I am needing to take baby steps to get back in to doing that which I really love to do.
So here is what I painted in less than 10 minutes on Day 1 (Tuesday 5/18):
On Day 2 (5/19) I added the wings, also in about 5 - 10 minutes:
On Day 3 (today 5/20) here is a bright color of green I added in less than 5 minutes.
So at this point I am definately taking baby steps in my artistic path but I know that in no time I'll be able to run down the path again soon!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Inspired by the color BLUE...

Lately I have become so attracted to the color blue...of course blue skies are my favorites but I usually get pink as much as possible. So when my dh & I went to get paint for my new Art/Craft Room I knew I wanted a nice shade of blue...not pink! My Artie was surprised yet relieved at the same time and I am sooo glad I chose blue too! I am so happy because I FINALLY finished putting together my room! Here's a little look at my journey to this itty bitty accomplishment:

First I started to paint the edges & corners as my nephew/Godson Fabi helped me by painting with the roller and in no time voila it was all blue! So I began to get my studio together back in March...

But then I got stuck right here...I'm too embarrassed to show how bad it actually got but it was definately what you would call 'Creative Chaos and Clutter'! I not only got stuck on what to do next in here but also I was stuck creatively! My dog Angela even looked uncomfortable when I'd bring her to her cubby in the wonder huh?
So I finally 'super focused' this weekend on finishing and now my room is nice and finally put together!! I got my supplies and zones all set for me when I'm ready to CREATE!! I'm sooo excited and feel inspired! Here's the paper/paint section: My white cubby holds all my scrapbook paper and the little desk is my 'card making' zone...and of course this is my painting zone:
and my puppy is even happy to go mimi's in her little zone too! :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The year of changes continues...Remodeling Part 2

Well it is now Mother's Day...which has always been bittersweet for me. I am happy to celebrate my mom's, and all my family & friends who are mom's but I couldn't help but to feel a silence of sadness. It's actually a little louder now since I am 41 and still haven't had a child of my own...I usually push out any thoughts of this and try to keep myself as distracted as possible. This year is different...I guess it's all a part of this year of changes for me.

I don't feel too sad, in fact, I'm just allowing myself to think about it...but not in a feel sorry for myself kind of way. I've actually realized that I am a mom spiritually to 2 of my miscarried babies, so in that way I can feel blessed that at least I will get to meet them one day. :) I named my first baby Michael whom was miscarried January 1996 and the 2nd is Julia Estrella miscarried July 2000. So imagine my surprise when I realized that I really am a mom! I can't believe it took me so long to see this! Happy Mother's Day to me after all!! :)

I know the title of this blog is a little misleading since I'm not yet remodeling my home but I am a work in progress mentally, spiritual and physically! So just keep in mind that when you see 'remodeling' in my blog titles it may not necessarily be about a home improvement project but of a 'me' improvement! :) God bless you all and Happy Mother's Day to all of us mom's!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just Live Life...

Live in the now - not the past...Life is too short to keep looking back!

That's how I've been living these days! In fact, I had a really good talk with my cousin today and she reminded me of this. You see, I've been trying to be aware of everything going on with my spirituality, husband, family, household, me...which has left me little time to focus on my artwork. Which I have expressed has made me feel a little sad, but not too much because I am enjoying being distracted with my family life and sooo many events going on lately! She understood how I felt but simply said "Yeah, but Gina, those things are important." It was a moment of transition for me because I realized that I really have been living life fully!

I'm used to getting lost in something; books, scrapbooking, designing, drawing, painting. So when I mentioned that I noticed I haven't really felt 'creative' like I used to be before I had my little hospital visit and she asked me something no one has ever asked me... "what have you replaced your creativity with?" Then I realized that it was life, connecting with old friends via Facebook, reconnecting with family at family gatherings...actually sitting there and having a focused conversation with them...not with a laptop designing while I chat nor any sketch pads and markers/colored pencils doodling while supposedly listening to their really is a good replacement and I'm so glad that I finally realized that! :)

This alone has seemed to open up in me a fountain of inspiration! I actually feel good inside, that I have been enjoying life more instead of trying to drown out my sorrows or tune out my depression with things that have no meaning...things that don't matter... unless they are inspired by the love of our loved ones all around us!

I feel that this revalation is just what I needed to regain my creative flow but in a more balanced manner...painting with more happier emotions instead of wishing for them! :) On that note, I will go now as I have a busy day's my mom's 60th Birthday Party and we are going to celebrate her!! Happy Birthday mom...I love you! And thank you my beautiful cousin Sarah for being there for me this week...I really needed that! :) God bless you all! :) Gina

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just wondering...or should I say wandering?

I'm beginning to wonder what's this reason for my current state of life I'm's more like I'm wandering through life with no direction. I feel as though I don't know how to connect with others enough to make new friends or even enough to keep some others who I thought were friends. I do realize that the Lord is working with me as he's been making me aware of these things and I've been reflecting alot in my mind when things quiet down. Which is probably why I can't seem to fall asleep like a normal person. I've already accepted that I'm not your average what more can I expect? lol

I have been more focused on my family connections, repairing some unraveled bonds and also trying to secure others. Especially now that I've seen how much damage the last battle with depression I went through over my grandmother's death has caused many of my family & friend relationships. Some are better than before and other's I'm afraid they are lost like ships being pulled away by different currents. I'm also feeling frustrated with my ADHD symptoms interfering with different relationships. My mind gets exhausted trying to keep up with all the activities and gatherings going on. I realize that I need treatment but remembering to go to the Dr. for the meds is a joke.

I do feel though that things are getting better despite this wierd stage of life I'm going through. I also feel the sparks of inspiration in my mind which I know will soon become a fire...which is probably what I'm waiting for!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Color Blue

An Easter Poem by Gina Arzaga

Amidst all the tragedies constantly evolving around us,
we must hold on to hope as in the color blue.
The sky is a reminder of all the goodness in this world,
it is a token of affection from our Creator above.

Through it he brings us sunshine and rain,
as though he is telling us that he hasn't forgotten us.
Even though so many have forgotten him,
forgotten all that he has done for us.

The sky itself will dazzle us in a beautiful shade of blue
to demonstrate for us the celebration of Christ's Resurrection.

Oh how the sky must have delighted to feel the Lord's Glorious presence as he rose from the earth, passing through the clouds, up back to Heaven...through the color blue.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Year Of Changes...Remodeling Part 1!!

I can never get over how fast time passes. Since I last wrote here, another birthday had passed in which I felt came a bit too quickly! lol! Last year I was very excited about turning forty but this birthday was different for some reason. It wasn't that I was sad or anything but more like I was reminded of how I lost a lot of precious time from all the things I've been through. Time is more precious to me and I am doing my best to be living in the 'now'! :)

Recently I have been busy dealing with regular 'life' stuff...I am happy to spend time with family and about how things are getting better in different areas of my life. But for some reason I feel like I am stuck in some kind of creative rut. Even though things are getting better for us, it is still necessary for me to work to bring in more money for our household. I noticed that I feel too guilty to be creative and I think that's why I've avoided even going to my creative space as well as what is mentally blocking me from being inspired.

So my current mission is to remove this creative mental block because I miss painting, drawing, creating...I am an artist and as such I need to be living like one!! To do that there are a few steps I need to do: the first thing is asking the Lord to help me get past this and for him to bring me 'Divine' inspiration, the second is to find some type of part time job so guilt won't interfere with my artwork anymore and the final step is to remodel my creative space! We are actually in the beginning stages of the remodeling and I am very anxious for it to be complete so that I can get back to painting and creating again!!

I've felt from the beginning of this year that this will be a year of changes. So far, it certainly has been! God bless you all! Gina :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"They Sing LaLaLa"

That is the name of the painting featured here on my blog and in my 1st Art Journal Kit that I'm getting ready to release in my Divine Digital Boutique! I actually painted this a few years ago and it's still one of my favorites. Sooo excited to get these kits going! I'm actually going to include an Art Journal Guide with each set. There will also be ongoing challenges here and possibly at Divine Digital as well! Here's a preview of 'Pieces of my heART' ~ Art Journal Kit #1:

*Prints of this original painting featured in the kit and on this blog 'They Sing LaLaLa' will be available here soon. Just working on a few things that need tweeking and I'll be making my prints for most of my artwork available here soon! 'They Sing LaLaLa' is perfect for those rooms that you need a little burst of color and whimsy!

***More Design News:
I'm currently working on lots of Valentine inspired Drawings coming to the Divine Digital Boutique soon as 'Digital Stamp Sets'! I'm sooo excited about these as there will even be card fronts included! I've been wanting to do this for years but never got these together in time! These will definately be in the shop by next Monday ~ Feb. 1st!!

****So that's all for now! Please come and visit as I just may be including a freebie or two here on Monday! ;o) Have a fabulous weekend and God bless you all! Cre8tvlyYrs ~ Gina

Sunday, January 24, 2010

One step at a time...

These days it seems I am moving in slow motion...perhaps being too hesitant or is it that I'm being too picky? I can't seem to decide which it is but I am doing one of the two! There is a lot of things going on at the same time and with my ADHD it really makes it tough for me to focus on where to even begin! One thing I have been making sure I do is spend more time w/my family and friends.

This weekend my niece/Goddaughter has stayed w/us since Friday and we've been soaking in all her sweet & innocent enthusiasm for life. She truly is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day! Her & I have been making hand made Birthday cards together and they are actually coming out great! She is a doll about following directions and loves to pay attention to detail...even at the age of 7! So I began last week sort of like the weather and ended it with lots of sunshine!

I did begin to set up my shop over at Divine Digitals but I still need to add lots more! I also am working on a few kits that are actually from some of my original artwork but this is where the hesitancy or pickiness is taking place the most. I noticed that I am really not 'feeling' happy about how these are coming out and I am not going to put just anything out there because these are representing my artwork and for that I'm being a perfectionist about it. So...those may be out when I formally announce the store opening or they might be later. I've learned not to force things as when the time is right then it will be all right!

For now, I will definately be putting only my newer kits and favorites at that! What ever isn't put in the shop is most likely not going to be unless I rework it...which I doubt because I'd like to create all new stuff from now on! :) *I especially look forward to creating a kit featuring 'Valentina' soon! I am moving one step at a time here so you will see changes abound whether they be slow or on swift feet!

God bless you and have a wonderful day! Cre8tvlyYrs ~ Gina

Monday, January 11, 2010

More Changes Going On...

Since the beginning of this year, actually even before...I knew that this is going to be a year of major changes for me. I've been declaring it with so much excitement that sometimes I can't hold back my expressive zeal for it! What changes? You may wonder...well, first of all the most important and exciting change for me is the change I feel within my soul. I KNOW that the Lord has been preparing me for years for what is to come and the Holy Spirit is reigniting my soul and guiding me even more lately!

I know that my artwork will definately be reflecting this and it's got me soo excited...even though I have not felt the prompting to actually begin painting again...I'm still drawing as I always am but since my visit to the hospital I've rarely picked up my paintbrush. I did do a few things but not detailed art just more 'abstracty' type of work. lol. I also have been working in my art journal now and then. But I think that is just how my brain has been trying to mend itself from that incident. :)

Anyways, the other thing that I feel the Lord has prepared me to do WRITE another book! I am REALLY excited about this!! I first got inspired to write about this certain subject at least 5- 10 years ago but more recently...around November 2009, about a few weeks after my 'incident' I felt the Holy Spirit urging me to grab a pen and paper and I just began writing continuosly for at least 10 minutes an outline for the story I feel led to write. I call this the 'downloading' stage...seriously, it's like the Holy Spirit fills my mind and then I write all that I can before my thoughts fade. I don't want to give too much away about this story yet but I will definately be bringing it up as it's developing here on this blog.

Which brings me to the next small change...I have decided to keep things simpler for myself, so this will be the main blog I will be using for all my blogging needs for now. I know I mentioned in December that I have another blog I will be using for my designing stuff but I need to keep things simple and I realized that if I do that I'll just be adding too much confusion for myself! lol. (Especially since I have ADD/ADHD and it's the main reason I had my incident as I tend to do too many other things and neglect my health.) So please don't be confused if you come here and see my Digital Scrapbook/Art Journal kit previews posted here along with my artwork! :)

Speaking of health...I am seriously working on my health in all areas: Mentally (ADD/ADHD issues), Physical (eating healthier and EXERCISE!!) >> to control and hopefully diminish Diabetise, HB pressure & High well as lose weight! I am like many others who has said this many times, many years as a "New Year's Resolution" but this is more like a "Life's Resolution" because now my life depends on this and if I don't do this, my life's dreams will not be nor the Lord's Missions for my life be accomplished. Believe me when I say...this realization is what is driving me to pursue accomplishing these health goals this time.

Well, honestly...I had NO intentions of posting such a long and refective post here! lol! So with all that I've mentioned above, I leave you with this: I pray that we will all have a wonderfully blessed and prosperous life in the years that remain for us and that we may always be blessings & inspiration to each other. Cre8tvlyYrs in Christ forever, Gina Arzaga

Monday, January 4, 2010

It's a brand new beginning of time...

I really feel so excited with what this new decade will be bringing me. The last decade was not too good for me. I thank God for the blessings and love he has brought me to carry me through the tough times as there were many struggles for me. I was in a place lost out in the wilderness...mentally and spiritually. But I know it was also a place of growth for me...a place of preparing for what was to come. And now here it is: my time to breakthrough and reach up as high as I possibly can! It is now my new beginning of time for a wonderful adventure.

I am here Lord...take me there!