Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Year Of Changes...Remodeling Part 1!!

I can never get over how fast time passes. Since I last wrote here, another birthday had passed in which I felt came a bit too quickly! lol! Last year I was very excited about turning forty but this birthday was different for some reason. It wasn't that I was sad or anything but more like I was reminded of how I lost a lot of precious time from all the things I've been through. Time is more precious to me and I am doing my best to be living in the 'now'! :)

Recently I have been busy dealing with regular 'life' stuff...I am happy to spend time with family and about how things are getting better in different areas of my life. But for some reason I feel like I am stuck in some kind of creative rut. Even though things are getting better for us, it is still necessary for me to work to bring in more money for our household. I noticed that I feel too guilty to be creative and I think that's why I've avoided even going to my creative space as well as what is mentally blocking me from being inspired.

So my current mission is to remove this creative mental block because I miss painting, drawing, creating...I am an artist and as such I need to be living like one!! To do that there are a few steps I need to do: the first thing is asking the Lord to help me get past this and for him to bring me 'Divine' inspiration, the second is to find some type of part time job so guilt won't interfere with my artwork anymore and the final step is to remodel my creative space! We are actually in the beginning stages of the remodeling and I am very anxious for it to be complete so that I can get back to painting and creating again!!

I've felt from the beginning of this year that this will be a year of changes. So far, it certainly has been! God bless you all! Gina :)


  1. Here's to good changes!!
    Can't wait to see our new space!


  2. Hi Gina, how is it going with your new space?