Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A New Discovery...Rising From The Ashes...

Wow...and what a discovery for me it was!  Early this morning I was 'Googlin' some things and out of curiosity decided to 'Google' was in this search that I discovered that I really need to learn and understand about the book it works from a writer/illustrator perspective...especially since I am a writer/illustrator of a children's story "The Rose In Floralsopar"...and this children's book...was listed in so many 'online' bookstores all around the world!!  The shocking part to me was the listings that priced my book from $38 up to  $58 per book!  I was so stunned mentally by this...still am actually...and I don't know what to do...don't even have a clue!!  A part of me feels flattered that they would feel my humble little children's story would even be worth that much...but on the other hand...I feel a little cheated.  (*So if anyone has any advise on this matter...I would greatly appreciate it!)

I actually began writing this story and started developing the characters in the early 2000's, in 2003 I spent most of the year with the illustrations and in 2004 had self published it.  I was planning to do a book launch party and everything...but then shortly after recieving my first batch of copies along with posters, postcards and business cards and being sooo excited to promote this grandma became very ill and died...which sent me into a 3 year deep depression/mourning stage of life...I could not even look at my book, my artwork, my scrapbooking, all the things that made me happy...I couldn't was really a hard time of my life.

However, my creative spirit did not die was just that I had to do things differently...for some reason I was able to be creative in the digital scrapbooking media and I even designed digital scrapbook kits for a couple of years.  Thankfully this helped me get out of my 'pit of despair' and eventually I began to paint again and enjoy being creative once more.  Of course there is so much more to this...due to all of the layers that needed to be pulled off and even sometimes burned.

So this year I have been trying to decide if I should do something with my book...was even thinking of redoing it but my husband and sister felt I shouldn't waste my energy revising the old book...but to work on a new one...and we all agreed that it was time to at least promote my book somehow.  So I feel that even though I was totally not expecting what I found this morning...around 7 pages of links to my book at different online bookstores for varying prices...I realized that this was a sign that I need to do something with this story...that it wasn't created for nothing...and whether 'I' do something with it or not...others even if I was planning to get involved in the book industry or's kind of too late...I am out there...this children's story...'The Rose In Floralsopar' out there as if risen from the ashes.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A New Dream...A New Vision...Time For Changes Continues...

"Just as I begin my vision of creating a new artwork to the point of completion...changes continue"
I am soo excited that I woke up extra early with this awesome new vision in my mind...seriously!  Actually there are a lot of things going on that I am excited about...but this new 'vision' is more about my home!  For a while, as much as I love our hasn't really felt or looked as 'homey' to me as I'd like it...especially because our house is part of a 'cookie cutter' community created during the real estate explosion that happened out here in Moreno Valley...but since things are continuing to get better for us financially we have opened our minds to begin dreaming of changes here.  We've got big plans...talked about redoing our kitchen, extending our bedroom out into our porch to create a 'Studio' for me there, redoing all the floors and of course the front and back landscape...basically our whole property!

So a few weeks ago while strolling through 'Home Depot' we were admiring a kitchen design they have there and a sweet gal 'Bridgette' approached us and asked if we were interested in a free consultation...and we said sure!  She sent us home with catalogs and brochures and we set up a 'measurement' appointment.  So last night after a few weeks later we finally got to see the design she created of our 'Dream Kitchen'  and she totally rocked!!  This design of our 'Dream Kitchen' fits all our needs and then some!  Of course it's not something we could immediately do but it gave us the 'New Vision' that we soo needed to make our home "OURS"!  This is just what we needed to motivate us.

I can tell that the Lord is a part of all this and it is amazing when I think about know how the kitchen is supposed to be the heart of the home...I feel that it reflects in my home the changes that are going on within to make real changes you need to purge out things that are blocking you from creating those changes...I'm like 'wow'ed right now about it!  I have so many things that are currently changing within myself and this is only the beginning...just as this new vision for our home has sparked the changes that are surely going to happen...the changes in life...will continue!

Friday, March 9, 2012

I Love How God Is Not Finished With Me...Changes Abound...

*Artwork in Progress:  "Lapis Azul Healing Waters"
I can feel it in the my my mind...the anticipation is growing!  You know when you change your mind about things and you wonder if you should go through with what it is your thinking?  Well that happens to me often...which is part of my problem because it makes me procrastinate about doing...then when I decide to take the can be too late!  This has happened many times and I lose my chance to obtain the goal in mind which has led to many disappointments.  Recently, this has changed...I am now more proactive and I thank God for that!

Currently, I am getting ready for my upcoming 'Spring Blooms' Workshop for next excited because it's actually full!  I've been working on a new jewelry collection for men called 'Wood & Stone' which I really love how they came out & I'm working on a spring line as well! I will be posting pics for all this soon!!  Which brings me to a few announcements of changes going on!!!!  Woohoo!  I just love the atmosphere when change happens...I mean good change...the changes that take a bit of work (sometimes alot of work) but work that will be worth the outcome!!
*Artsy Business Related Changes*

*I have decided to close my Etsy shop...I don't feel that I have a need for it right now as most of my sales are direct and I'd like to focus my energy on my artwork and jewelry designs.

*I also decided that I will only be posting original artwork on E-bay

*I am also looking into a way to set up a store directly from here to keep things simple! :)

*Personal Changes*
Right now in my life I hope that I will be able to recieve the blessing of that hope we are also getting things taken care of so that we can actually begin our long desired goal to become foster parents as well and I feel strongly that this will definately be the year that we will finally be able to welcome a child into our home!!  :)
I feel good in my life right now because I believe that the Lord is leading and guiding me...and I trust in him...I know that he will only lead me to the best places for me.  The painting I posted above is an expression of's still a work in progress...just as I am to God...and how I love that!!

Blessings and Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina :)