Thursday, March 15, 2012

A New Dream...A New Vision...Time For Changes Continues...

"Just as I begin my vision of creating a new artwork to the point of completion...changes continue"
I am soo excited that I woke up extra early with this awesome new vision in my mind...seriously!  Actually there are a lot of things going on that I am excited about...but this new 'vision' is more about my home!  For a while, as much as I love our hasn't really felt or looked as 'homey' to me as I'd like it...especially because our house is part of a 'cookie cutter' community created during the real estate explosion that happened out here in Moreno Valley...but since things are continuing to get better for us financially we have opened our minds to begin dreaming of changes here.  We've got big plans...talked about redoing our kitchen, extending our bedroom out into our porch to create a 'Studio' for me there, redoing all the floors and of course the front and back landscape...basically our whole property!

So a few weeks ago while strolling through 'Home Depot' we were admiring a kitchen design they have there and a sweet gal 'Bridgette' approached us and asked if we were interested in a free consultation...and we said sure!  She sent us home with catalogs and brochures and we set up a 'measurement' appointment.  So last night after a few weeks later we finally got to see the design she created of our 'Dream Kitchen'  and she totally rocked!!  This design of our 'Dream Kitchen' fits all our needs and then some!  Of course it's not something we could immediately do but it gave us the 'New Vision' that we soo needed to make our home "OURS"!  This is just what we needed to motivate us.

I can tell that the Lord is a part of all this and it is amazing when I think about know how the kitchen is supposed to be the heart of the home...I feel that it reflects in my home the changes that are going on within to make real changes you need to purge out things that are blocking you from creating those changes...I'm like 'wow'ed right now about it!  I have so many things that are currently changing within myself and this is only the beginning...just as this new vision for our home has sparked the changes that are surely going to happen...the changes in life...will continue!

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