Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas'ing!!

Helllooo and Merrry Christmas'ing everyone!
I have to say, this has been the most eventful Christmas season for me ever!!  I was creating and putting gifts together up to each day of each gatherings!!  I have so many B-days in December as well so we were busy...but in a good way!
 Last Tuesday, 12/18/12, we had our Christmas Party with our Confirmation Class that we teach and I made about 36 Prayer Cards featuring my Mary artwork above and my niece Selena helped me make these little tent Christmas cards too.  All this work was worth all their smiles upon recieving them!

Then the next day, 12/19/12, I had a little Birthday dinner for my husband Art...we made Posole for the 1st time and it came out delicioso!!  Then on Saturday, 12/22/12, we went to my family's "December Birthday's Party" since we have like 6 B-days from the 6th to the 23rd we started a this tradition.  It was so fun and I got to see my cousins that we grew up spending Christmas with but don't get to anymore.  Then on Sunday, 12/23/12, was my niece Selena's 14th B-day Dinner!
Then of course, I was still getting all my gifts put together from that evening until the early dawn of Christmas Eve!  As I was doing so, I realized that I didn't really have anything for my 6 could I forget them?  So at 4:45 am I went to our local 'Super Walmart' and at 6 am exactly as I am finally done and getting to get my things checked out...really...I couldn't believe this...but yes, really this did happen...
A MAD MAN comes into the store yelling for the first I just thought he was an upset customer until he comes up to the Cashier who was about to ring me up yelling at her to tell him where the manager was and as this happens is when I notice the big GUN he happens to be holding!!!  Now I'm not a gun expert, but my husband knows more than me and due to the barrel I described to him...he said it was an automatic rifle...whatever gun it was...really doesn't matter to me...what mattered to me was that he came in to the store with a gun!!!
So at first I was like thinking in my way can that gun be real, could it be?  It was so big he was holding it with both hands!!  He walked away quickly in the direction the Cashier pointed to and I was so stunned and my heart was beating so fast, my hands were trembling and I felt that 'falling' feeling...I felt so panicked and did the only thing I knew to do and that was pray...I prayed for the Lord to send his Holy Guardian Angls to protect us and for him not to shoot or kill anyone!  Then who knows how much time passed...most likely seconds after they noticed him walk towards the back of the store, we were rushed out of the store into the falling then I ran so fast to my truck and drove away from the wasn't until I got home that I realized that I just could've been killed or shot as I was in his direct range of fire...thank God, he didn't shoot anyone and the wierd thing is that they still haven't found him.
I was so happy to spend time with my family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day...I especially made sure to thank the Lord for being able to enjoy Christmas with him at Church!  This morning I finally felt clear headed enough since I have no more 'gift' projects looming in my mind and the shock from what happened Christmas Eve morning has worn off too...which made me realize just how much the Lord really loves me, how much he blesses me every day...and I know that he's definately not finished blessing me.  I can feel it...there's many more to come and I can't wait!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Keep the Hope of Christmas...

In the midst of getting ready for a wonderful Christmas Season all of us in our Nation experienced what I could only describe as an act of evil.  I am a very sensitive when I found out about the horrendous massacre of innocent children and the adults trying to protect them last Friday, I was so saddened...I couldn't even be happy for too long about the little miracles happening around us in regards to our process of getting qualified to foster/adopt two very special children.  I can't imagine what those poor families are enduring right now...I am keeping them all in my prayers and hope that through all this they can find the peace that they need.

I know the Lord embraced them all immediately...this tragedy reminds me of how important it is for me to continue what I am doing...all the different forms of ministry he has assigned to my assignment as a Wife, Daughter, Sister, Godmother, Aunt,  Teacher, and Artist...part of my responsibility is to keep creating things of Love, Happiness, and encourage, to inspire, to remind others of God's Love, to teach others about Faith, to show by example.

I intend to keep the Hope of Christmas, Jesus, close to my keep my hope in HIM...he's the only hope for the world...with that I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas...cherish all your loved ones, for we know not how much time we have with I tell all my students in our Confirmation/Bible Study Class "Don't worry about the 'End Times' worry about your own end time because we don't know whether we have 5 minutes, 5 days, 5 years, or even 50 years ready for our own end time, the time to be ready is now!' ~Gina Arzaga 


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holding Onto Hope & Keeping The Faith

How could I NOT post today?  I just had's such a significant date!  *12/12/12*
Besides, I am so excited about all the new Artful Goodies I've been adding to my Etsy shop and after yesterdays looong and reflective post I thought I'd do a new post to feature what I've been up to creatively of course.  So my newest art print that I just uploaded to my Etsy shop is the one I've got on my blog topper...'Blessed Mother Mary ~ Holding Onto Hope"...which I love soo much that I can't bear to let go of it...this usually happens with my 'firsts'.  I am planning on creating more art like this too...but for now I'm gonna be busy making the following goodies with this image:  *Ornaments  *Christmas Cards  *Bookmarkers  * Pendants  *Altered Dominoes and who knows what else!

If you'd like to order this and any of my other goodies in my etsy shop...just click on the photo above and the link will take you there! :)

I've also been working on creating 'Mini Art Blocks' and 'Mini Art Jewels' all featuring my artworks!  Here's a pic of some custom orders and some more 'Mini Art Jewels' that I'm workin on:

I also have some original art that I'm hoping to get finished up this week...I've sketched some cute 'Christmas/Winter' themed art like:  A cute little girl with a snow angel, Baby Bea's 1st Christmas, and more!  Well as you can see...I'm gonna be very busy...I soo feel like a Christmas Elf!!  I'm feeling inspired...and that's when I need to 'go with the flow'!  I'll be posting pictures on my FB 'Like' page as I list on my Etsy on the photo below to get the link to my FB 'Like' page to see what I'm up to more often than I post here! ;)
I hope that this Christmas season bring you much joy and if it isn't...sometime it's because we need to slow down and reflect what Christmas is really about...that after all is what Advent is about!  So Here's to holding onto Hope and keeping the Faith!  God bless you all!  Cre8tvlyYrs~Gina


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On The Edge...Riding Down The Roller Coasters Of Life

How or where do I even begin to post anything right life feels like it's on the edge of many of my BIG's a scary place to be...I am also in a state that I could only describe as truly going on BLIND FAITH...continuing in a direction without having a clue of how it will all end up but continuing all the same because I BELIEVE that no matter what the outcome...whether it pains me deeply or brings me much will be the best thing for me because I trust God and know that HE knows what's best for me.  I'm not going to lie and say that it's an easy place to reality it's pretty much the hardest place I've ever been.  It's a place where you have NO choice but to truly let first you think it's easy and will continue to be...but when weeks go by without a word and you know you need to stay out of gets very difficult.

Then recently, I've been feeling nudges of doing something about the situations I'm dealing I'm being prepped for something BIG!!  What's completely amazing about this is that it isn't only about one thing in my life but almost everything in my life...I feel it's only fair to let you in on what I'm dealing with - of course not in full detail but only in a summary version:

*My husband and I have no children of our own and felt ready to become Foster Care Certified for years but earlier this Spring (April) I was asked by my cousin if I would please help her by fostering her Granddaughter...I said yes of course and since then my husband and I have been working very hard to become certified (and it was a lot of work and it included me giving up my art room, but we didn't mind at all).  In July we thought we were approved but then found out that we needed to be qualified through a county agency and needed to start all over again...again we didn't mind.  We were looking forward to welcoming not only a little girl but also her older brother into our lives by Halloween...then no, maybe Thanksgiving...but then the strangest thing happened...I can't say exactly what happened but only that in one conversation...I have been misjudged...and now not only are we definately not going to be able to have the children here for Christmas...but we may not get them at all...this event occured about 3 weeks ago and since then we have not heard from anyone...until recently finally I spoke with my 2nd cousin today and he let me know that he knows that I have done everything I could do and that he thinks we should be silent no more...that we need to let those in charge know that we will not let go without a fight (not literally of course).  His words were very liberating for me and I feel like I am preparing for whatever action I feel led to do next, as I dare not do anything yet without my Lord's leading and guiding me to what it is I need to do.

*The other issue is about my artwork...I know there is something more I am to do with my art and I feel the Lord whispering to me 'are you ready?' or 'you better be prepared' but the most exciting whisper is when I hear him telling me to just 'let go'...that 'it's time to fly'...this speaks to me in all areas of my life...Spiritually, Musically, and Artistically...

*Also for me's like I've been stuck in a cocoon state for so long that I've let myself dwell in I've made it into a pretty and cozy little home I've fooled myself into not venturing out because...well it's nice enough here...but sometimes it could feel a little lonely...don't get me wrong, I have my husband and my mom who are my best friends as well as my other family & friends who I adore with all my heart...but what I've been craving lately is to be around others who like to be creative like me...friends that we can inspire each other...I am feeling like I need to break down this cocoon for good so that I could venture out...into the garden of life!!

So as you can see...I have all these different angles of my life aiming in the same everything is about to catapult in the same direction at the same time...oh how I am filled with anticipation like when your on a roller coaster and you feel the butterflies and your at the top closing your eyes...on the verge of riding down the Collasus!  In fact, recently I watched this awesome video by Marie Forleo, in which she teaches about riding your's the link that I highly recommend: So here's to riding those big rollercoasters in our life!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Voice Of Thanksgiving...

My newest painting...Faith
Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
~Ephesians 5:20

I am so thankful for all the Lord has done for me and for what he continues to bless my life with!  I have been going through a very tough storm recently in my life...It's a place I never thought I'd ever be but the Lord has given me peace in my heart and I know that he is by my side and whatever the outcome of the situation it will be whatever is best for me and my husband's life...God's will is the best after all!!

*My Life's Anthem:  Unbreakable by Fireflight

So now I will keep pressing on...I have alot to do in this little life of mine...and the messages in my artwork is part of it!  Above is a new piece I am finishing up...I'm planning to add scripture but not sure where or if I should hand paint or stamp it...I'm sure it'll come to me soon! :)

So in a Voice of Thanksgiving...I am having a sale in my Etsy Boutique for this whole Thanksgiving weekend...20% off everything just use the following coupon at the checkout:  THNKSB2GOD
Here's my Etsy Boutique link:  Gina's Whimsy HeART

Be on the lookout as I will be adding more goodies I'm gonna be enjoying my family time and giving lots of Thanks to God!!  :) Gina

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Stretched and pulled...To a new perspective

*I actually began this post with the 1st paragraph about a month ago and just didn't feel sure if it was ready...adding the rest today I know that I didn't yet experience what I needed to fully express this new perspective!'s long but not as long as it looks since I made the font size large.  ;)

For the last few months I have been going through an interesting really feels like I'm being spiritually and emotionally stretched and's really a little complicated to explain but I felt that I needed to just blog how I've been feeling about this time of my life right now.

More recently alot of things about this world and things for me spiritually have been revealed and it has greatly impacted my perspective/view down to my soul...I know this is deep but most people that know me know that I am very spiritual and so this statement is just me...a very deeply spiritual person...being as such I have been praying even more and even more deeply.

I prayed often before but usually only for my own personal and family & friends needs...but now I pray every day for the whole world...we REALLY need HOPE in this my perspective...JESUS is our ONLY HOPE!!  So if ever there is a time to pray for the world...the time is NOW!

What has been revealed to me happened in layers after praying for answers to things I have to deal with in my life...things that most people don't...I have found answers that have validated me and my experiences and then there are things that have been revealed that I didn't even ask about...some even about our world of which are very disturbing...but it led me to keep teaching what I always teach my Confirmation Students when they ask me about all the 'end of time' rumors...we all must be READY for our own end time...keep that in mind as you live your life...keep Jesus close...again I'll say...he is our ONLY hope!

Before these revelations I would not be so bold as to post my 'deeper' feelings of these matters but it's like the Lord has put it in my heart to be like a 'voice crying out in the wilderness' hopes that someone will hear...someone who needs to...if I'm meant to only reach that 'one' lost sheep then I have done my mission. It is my same view as when I teach Confirmation each year with my husband...we know we can't reach all of them but if we are able to help even only one then we've done our mission...we are being blessed with many students coming to us and letting us know that we have made a difference...some have even said they didn't believe until our class...that's what I'm here mission in life!

As for my the past it has mainly been for a form of therapy...same as my singing, I usually only sing for the Lord...but I have for years known in my heart that these gifts were for more than that...just wasn't ready for it, still not really but I feel I don't have a choice anymore!  I have recieved through the years some artwork that I felt were 'Spiritually Inspired' and my latest one came to me at 3:00 am on Oct. 6th and it is a painting of Blessed Mother Mary holding baby it's titled 'Holding onto Hope'.

I have wanted to paint Mary w/baby Jesus since I began painting again around 7 yrs ago...I would even dream of them...but I didn't feel confident enough in my work...especially since my dream paintings looked like masterpieces...which I'm totally not there yet!  But this one painting I felt soo good was a successful expression!  So you can expect more of my 'Spiritual Expressions' to come... more than before...of course I still need to do my 'therapuetic art' here and there but now my artwork too has a mission!

In addition to these husband and I have for years wanted to start a praise band...he even finally got a drum set and has been practicing for a little over a year we will be working on that part of our mission PRAISE the Lord together...I will definately be mentioning more about that too!

I have also decided to do something for myself...for my personal and artlife growth...I was soo excited when I found out that a new Art Gallery opened up in my local Mall here in Moreno Valley... I really love all the plans the founder has and upon hearing that he needed volunteers I decided that I want to be a part of this movement...the gallery is called 'Vanguard Art Gallery' and I will definately be posting more about this as well!  I know that this is an another answered prayer for me as I would ask the Lord to lead and guide me to someone or a group who can help me to learn how to properly show my work and all the other things I need to establish myself as an artist.

About our foster/adopt's a long complicated situation but it is in process...since this is a 'family sensitive' case I can't say too much but we are just keeping this in God's hands as there is no better place for it...we are Trusting in HIM to resolve this quickly for us!  We are hoping to hear good news this please keep us in prayer for this...we greatly appreciate it!

So this is why I've been too busy to post as often as I should but I will try to more often than I have!  Please keep me in mind should you desire for me to create a custom artwork as a gift or for your home as I need to get my own car before we have our beautiful daughter and possibly son to be placed in our home!!  With that...God bless and have a wonderful week!  Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina

Monday, September 24, 2012

Welcoming the new chapter of my life...

As we enter this new season (my favorite by the way) of Autumn I am also so excited about the new chapter of my life!  To begin this post I'd like to introduce my 'Autumn Angels'...
Autumn Angel - Gladys

Autumn Angel - Abby
I actually drew and painted these in 2009 but it was right before I had that awful migraine fiasco which made it hard for me to do my artwork for a couple of months.  So I never got to 'tweek' them like I usually do with most of my finally last Thursday I detailed the hair better on Glady's and added bg papers to both of the dresses and the leaves on the hats.  Little Abby got a whole face I was really unhappy with the first

I am really happy with how these two came out and I'm going to do another version but on canvas and with both of them combined and I even bought some new paint in a new Autumn color scheme...can't wait to start that!!

Well the end of Summer came with a whole lot of drama and events to shake my world...from what I posted about last of my mom's cancer scare and then just this last Friday I had a real horrific experience of feeling like I lost my all ended with a happy ending...and I'll leave it at I want to keep this post on a happy note! :)

I love this season of Autumn so's the season where I can enjoy the days because it begins to cool down enough for me to go outdoors!   Today we are going to be finishing up our patio project and I'm going to be working on my seasonal home decorations right after I'm done here!  (Pictures of the completed home projects will be posted next time).

*As for our fostering/adoption situation...we need to start the process over but I am looking at it with a positive attitude and got over feeling disappointed because really that doesn't do any good and it's better to just keep moving forward with a clear and positive mind about it...I thank God for keeping me in that mind set!

In a way it seems like my artwork reflects a lot of these things I'm going through...I was able to finish up my little mermaid girl that I started last year at summers end and then finish my old artwork of my 'Autumn Angels' just in time to begin my new life's chapter!

We have a lot of things to look forward to and a lot of people and pets to cherish as long as we still are blessed to have them in our lives...that's what this new chapter of my life is about...CHERISH...really cherishing those we love...being that I recently had to deal with the thoughts of almost not having my mom or my lil fur girl Angela I really do know that I am cherishing them especially but also ALL of my loved ones here now and yet to come...thank you Lord for blessing me with all of them in my life!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Rekindling My Motivation

*A bit of a lengthy Reflection...  ;)

Earlier today I was finding myself just going through the motions with my daily chores and even with my art supplies...just looking at it...feeling very confused about it again...but I thank God for showing me that all I needed to do was rekindle my motivation.  There are many times especially recently when I catch myself thinking negative thoughts towards myself...whether they are of my own brain or influenced by an outside source remains to be seen but I am glad that I am catching on sooner rather than later.  I used to not catch on until way too later but I know that due to my praying everyday for the Lord to lead and guide me...that he is!  I feel that it's important for me to blog about these things and whatever major life events this is a way for me to see my own progress with my artwork and life...and if I help a soul or two then this is not done in vain.

So 2 weekends ago...I was on a roll...feeling like I was accomplishing so much...then on the Monday after as I was working on reorganizing my art area I got a call from my dad...he was upset...and for those who know my dad, you know that's a rarity.  They had went to the Dr. that day due to my mom looking yellow and her liver count was high.  The Dr. told my parents that they seen a mass in her liver area and that it was most likely cancer...he did this without a biopsy!!  So you can imagine how this sent me into what I can only describe as a 'Super focus' mode on my mom...I could not think of anything and was very unproductive until my mom got home.

So from Monday through Tuesday I was at the hospital with my dad.  By Tuesday the doctors were now saying that it wasn't Cancer (Thank God).  We had so many family & friends praying for my mom so she was being showered in prayer coverage!!  By Wednesday...I was wiped sugars were too high and it was like I was recouperating from what felt like a hangover!!  My mom was able to come home on Friday while they waited for all the test results and just yesterday we found out she is clear of cancer (they did many tests and biopsy's) but that she has auto immune hepattitus and are now treating her for this.  I thank God for my husband for being such a great support to me through all this!

Add to the same time of all this going on that week we found out that we are going to have to start all over again to get our background checks and home inspections since we are now going to be fostering to adoption through the's a long complicated story but we are strong and will go through what we need to but I won't lie...I am very disappointed and concerned for my little girl.  I guess these combined things slipped me into a little funk...which led to my post title.

I was trying to stay focused on getting back on track this week...doing pretty well...but it felt like such a struggle but I did it...I posted my first batch of original art for sale, which I have been needing to do for a long time it felt good...but then when there were no responses...well, that's when those ugly negative thoughts started to creep in...I began to think, well maybe I'm not that good...should I even continue down this path?  Well when the even worse & critical self thoughts popped up I felt like all my creative energy was getting drained from me...even though last night I finished redoing my 2 'Autumn Angels' and was very happy with them...I began to look at my work and felt somewhat defeated.

I decided to watch some videos on youtube for inspiration and I found a few about getting motivated and in one of them this guy was saying to think of a time that I felt learn or pay attention to what triggers my motivation.  I'm still trying to figure that one I thought to know maybe I should just work on I decided to finish up my little mermaid...sort of a way to complete the process of saying goodbye to summer and hello to the new Autumn season...a new beginning to the next chapter of my life...a rekindling of my motivation!

'Marina' - Original Artwork by Gina Arzaga


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Feeling so blessed...

Today is one of those days were I feel so blessed...blessed so much that almost anything that sounds beautiful or looks beautiful makes me teary eyed!  It's such a blissful feeling...knowing that in every thing I do...I am not alone and that the Lord is leading and guiding me!  I love the Lord sooo much...there are not enough words to even describe how I feel for him...for all the thanks & praise...not enough word is sufficient to describe these feelings!!
Praise Birdies Series - Fly Like a Bird to the Lord, My Soul
I've been very productive with my artwork and it's taking me some time but I'm filling up my Etsy Shop as fast as I can!  I have so many products I'm working on like bookmarkers, Art prints, and I also decided that from now on I will only be producing jewelry that has my artwork on it...soo having fun with those...I'll post pics soon! 
Love Is In The Air - Illustrative Art
 In my personal life...God has definately been making things happen...we are very close for the arrival of a very special little girl named Cailan Marie (she is 3 1/2 yrs old) but we are going to not just be fostering but adopting her. For those of you who know my husband & know how much this means for us!! We are very excited and cannot wait to meet her!
Live With Joy - Whimsy Blooms Series
 The Lord is answering many prayers that I have prayed for from long ago to even recent...I feel his love and he has been blessing me with so much...I feel like he's showering me with kisses and I'm loving every minute of it!! :)
God Bless & Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina
'Roots Of Faith' Trees Series - #2 Tree Of Life

Friday, August 31, 2012

My Whimsy HeArt...

Well it took me all month...but I finally did it...I have finally
re-opened my Etsy shop!!  After a couple of months of thinking about it and praying for direction on where to go with my art...whether my art is of value or 'good enough'...well the Lord had answered me about this and other things going on in my life...he told me 'YES' my art is of value and that I am 'good enough'...not directly to me in those words but in so many little ways and conversations with others.

What's amazing is that as soon as I finally felt it in my creative flow returned in abundance!!  Since then I have been painting so many new pieces of art and have soo many more in the works!  That's what led me to call my etsy shop *Gina's Whimsy HeArt Boutique*!!  Love the name and I am definately loving all the art and ideas flowing my way!!

So in the beginning of the month I was getting pics ready and working on getting the shop set took me longer than I intended but we have so many other things going on especially being blessed with a miracle to adopt a very special little girl named Cailan!   There are so many wonderful things going on in my life right now!

To kick things off for my Boutique 'Re-Opening' I have a coupon code for 15% off for this Labor Day Weekend only and you can only get the code on my 'Like' page...and since I'm also going to do some give aways there this weekend you may want to stop by! :)  To check out my Etsy Shop/Boutique just click on the announcement above and it'll take you there!

I will be adding more things soon but not until after Labor Day weekend as I am going to be too busy this weekend...tonight is my Cousin Sarah's B-day party, tomorrow is my Cousin Mariah's 16th B-day party and then on Sunday we are going to have some special company over!  Well with all that...I better get to finishing up some B-day cards!!  God Bless & Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina :) 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Right Paths For My Journey & Open Floodgates

Finally, on the right path of my journey...

The floodgates to my creative flow has opened!

Here are a few of my newest artworks:

'Roots of Faith' Trees Series #1 Proverbs 11:28
So I've actually been very busy these days...much has changed and still is changing spiritually, personally, and artistically...all good changes...things may not be perfect (but when are they ever!) but I feel that I am finally on the right path of my journey of life...which feels wonderful!!

There is so much that I have discovered about myself and I know that as long as I focus on letting go of things I have no control over...that God leads & guides me to the places that he needs me to be and where HE wants me to be!

Right now, spiritually...I believe I've entered in a new, more mature phase of being amazed by God!!  The last phase I was in was more of, well I always believe in him...but I was wondering if he really could know me...with all the things going on in this or why would he have me in his thoughts...little me in this big old universe...
Full view of 'Roots of Faith' Trees Series #1 top painting
 Well let me tell you...he has and is very much revealing to me in the most smallest of details that he does have me in his thoughts and that he IS aware of my dreams and what my concerns are...this has really put me in a new level of awestruck and amazement of HIM!

This surely has overflowed to all other areas of my life too!  In my married life, my husband and I are both experiencing this together and our love is growing stronger as we are getting even closer than I thought we could ever be.  My husband is also really encouraging me with my artwork and this has really helped to open me up for all the new artwork & ideas flowing out of me!

We are still waiting for the Foster Care situation to be resolved...which we are now going to need to be adopting one very special little 3 year old girl (I can't really say too much for family/privacy reasons)...but even though we are still needing to go through more training and all the other things that go with this process...I know we will be fine with the Lord leading and guiding us all the way! 

This was part of the reason for my starting my 'Roots of Faith' Tree series which will feature trees and scriptures relating of trees, roots, faith and growth!  I'm really excited about this series it's a more freeing form of painting without having to detail too much.  This first one I posted features this scripture that upon reading it I knew it was a perfect starting point for this series:  "A life devoted to things is a dead life, a stump; a God-shaped life is a flourishing tree."  - Proverbs 11:28

Butterfly Angels Series #1 ~ 'Auroura'
I'm also excited about 'Auroura' from my Butterfly Angel Series that I posted here...this was also a fun way of painting and I included more dimensional embellishments and fun too!  I am also finishing up another cute little angel and tree painting that I will post next time!

Well before I go, I'd like to make a 'pre' announcement that I will be 'Re-opening' my Etsy Boutique!!  I will be working on all that this weekend and so I hope to make another announcement, which will include free giveaways and specials, as soon as I've got it all set check back here or my FB Art page soon for updates!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Blessings of Love & Opening your Hearts...

Helloooo!  I am still those of you who have stumbled upon or visit my blog! ;)  I've been and still am very busy with alot of changes to our home the past few months so I just thought I'd post a little update and will add pictures of some of these changes too!  Lately we have been being blessed by alot of things in so many ways since we have been continuing with our process of Foster Care Certification.  Also, I have been enjoying precious family time!  We are almost done with our certification process to become Foster Parents and I'm hoping that by next month we will have 2 new additions to our family...which we are really looking forward to! :)  We just need 2 more steps but we will still have to wait for the transfer process as they are living in the State of Washington right now.

We have rearranged our living spaces and my art room/studio is in a different area...temporarily until we can add a sunroom to our home.  We have cleared out both rooms and all Art needs to do is put up some closet doors and we are very possibly going to remodel the door placement.  I still am purging and organizing my 'stuff' not my art stuff but my personal memorabilia and belongings...I have been highly motivated by this organizer/author/motivator Julie Morgenstern  if you are ever needing to reorganize your life...I highly recommend her...especially her 'SHED'ding process.  I have never been able to get to this state of change or 'SHED'ding as I am in now and it's all thanks to her motivational way of clarifying the need to SHED...I will definately do a dedicated blog about this in another post. 

On my artistic/creative part of my's kind of been sitting on the back burner...of course I have been fiddling in my art journal but no new artwork yet and very little jewelry.  Recently, I got a decent sized bag of jewelry findings with some really beautiful pendants and single earring pieces that I can make into pendants!   Although I have been very busy with all the changes going around as we are getting ready to foster I hope I can squeeze in some time to make some new jewelry out of some of those pieces!! Funny how something old can renew or respark my creativity that's been sitting on the back burner for far too long!

Since I have been unproductive 'creatively' - I feel it's because I have been only focusing and mentally preparing myself for the changes that will happen when these 2 little ones become a part of our family.  But I also recognize that the artist within me is getting a little 'stir crazy' so to's like a restlessness I kept ignoring because I felt I would get too distracted from the many important health & household releated things we are doing to prepare and get certified for fostering.  I do recognize though that as an artist, it is important that I give myself permission to artistically express myself as it is always a good thing for me spiritually and mentally!

It's amazing how sometimes I think is what I do 'artistically' a necessity...does it really matter?  But then I realize that creating art is a blessing of Love...of opening my heart to share an expression to the world...and it may not touch everybody...but it can touch those who's hearts were meant to be touched...even mine...the amazing part about this realization is that I realized that what I do 'artistically' is just as important for me to do as me being a foster mother...opening my heart in every way in order for me to recieve the blessings of Love...with this new sense of awareness I can feel free to paint something to express this and know that it is something that matters and feel good about it!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Life in Transition... life is surely in a transtional state right now...right now my husband and I are working on getting our home ready for one of the most important changes of all...I can't really say exactly what it is yet...but I'm hoping by next week I can reveal the whole situation.  All I can share is that it involves giving up my Art room...this has been the most challenging but I know that the sacrifice is worth it.

Now I know it's not a serious sacrifice like giving up your life but to an artist it's a sacrifice of what you do and who you are...I know my life is going to change dramatically and I have accepted that and always known that eventually I would be in this place of life.  Even though I have accepted has been challenging for me...I'm very happy about what's going to evolve in our life but I am also a little sad...which I cannot ignore...I know that in time my husband is going to build a room addition so I can get my studio back and that my 'Art space' will temporarily moved to our dining area so all is not lost!

Soo right now we have been rearranging our home to accomodate our upcoming life altering situation.  On Tuesday my dad & brother Sal helped my husband Art switch our tv into the front room and also my brother helped install 2 new light fixtures that we needed for me to move my stuff into our dining area...I will be posting pics soon but I want to wait until these rooms are completed in order to show a before and after shot! :)  My main problem right now is trying to figure out what to do with all this 'stuff' that I have in my art room...I sooo wish I had some help with that...Lord do I need help with that!!!

Well gotta get back to work...keep us in your prayers and God bless! :)  Gina

Friday, May 11, 2012

Finding Good In The Ugliness

Faith is reacting positively to a negative situation.
- Dr. Robert Schuller

Recently there have been some things in life I have experienced that I could have easily became extremely upset about and would have years ago...maybe even months ago...but the Lord surely has been changing me and I have been able to resist jumping into a reaction that could not be so pretty.  Without going into too many details...this last Saturday my husband and I experienced a group of people that were a little racist...little comments I overheard and the feeling that we were looked down upon.  I think I was more shocked that it happened to us...I know it goes hear about it on tv and stuff but to personally experience it was a bit say the least.  Sooo, I have decided that instead of getting upset I am going to use that experience to be as one of my upcoming series of children's stories about values and morals that I have been planning to start writing.  The title will either be 'Love Thy Neighbor' or 'Love One Another'...still thinking that over!

*New Artwork from my 'Song Bird' Series titled 'Morning Praises'
What never ceases to amaze me is how the Lord will use others to help me see good in our humanity and to also encourage me to keep doing what I it is so easy to become discouraged when you feel unwelcome sometimes.  So I thought I'd share a few things that really picked me up and helped me push forward!  Now this 1st 'pick me up' was something that my Uncle Raul posted about this blog on my FB page...he knew nothing of what we encountered and how I was feeling a tiny bit discouraged so what he wrote was exactly what I needed to hear:


(FYI, My Uncle Raul is not the type to say something unless he means it so that is what makes this special! :)  

This next 'pick me up' is also a reminder that the Lord did not gift me for nothing!!  A dear friend of mine ordered my 1st children's story 'The Rose In Floralsopar' that I wrote & illustrated for her boys and she posted this picture on my FB page:

"David reading to Davin♥ The Rose in Floralsopar...A book Written By a Dear friend of mine:)So Talented!! Its such a cute childrens book.We Love them! I'm so Happy we Have one for each of our boys:)" - Carina F.

OMG!!  This soo made my day...seeing his face as he is reading my book...priceless!  I will treasure this photo for always! :)
There were other things that the Lord showed to me that I was overwhelmed by the abundance of it!So in the end of what I experienced...I know that the Lord was teaching me to find Good in all the ugliness...sometimes it's hard but if you look hard enough you can find it...and I did!  Thank you Lord for that!  :)  God bless and love you all!  Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Winds Of Changes Are Blowing Over Here...

My mini 'Art Journal'
I am full of anxiety over some news I recieved yesterday...I can't say what it is yet...but I felt I needed to document this moment somehow...all I know is if it is God's will then it will be or be not!  Regardless if this situation turns out to be or matter what there is definately some BIG changes coming around the corner for us either way...the difference is when!  Soooo...the BIG changes may come very soon or they may happen later...the changes will be happy moments, challenges I'm sure but filled with least that's what I'm believing!!  I'm not trying to sound's just that I need to be sure of what's going to happen before I say anything more...I am filled with HOPE and looking up to my Lord with all my FAITH in HIM to lead and guide me & my husband through this next road on our journey of life...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Creating Courage...

A bit of reflecting here...

I've been struggling lately with my creative process for my first I thought it may be just my 'distraction' thing but then I realized that sometimes I look at the work I've begun and I'm afraid of messing up my pretty backgrounds which leaves me with a lot of unfinished art.  So my new goal is to be more courageous with my artwork...especially since my artwork is a part of who I am and what I's a very important thing for me!

I also need to be courageous about revealing myself in my art...not holding back...I'm known for that to people who really know me and what I'm capable of...I have a tendency to think small which the Lord reveals to me through my own nephews and nieces telling me how awesome my artwork is or how great my creations are and how I could be a famous artist!  It is an amazing thing to hear these words from know that they believe in me more than I had believed in myself...they push me to keep on going...
to create with courage!

*******Updates & Announcements*******

I have a 'like' page on Facebook that I'm trying to's a bit lonely, so if you would like to see more of my Artwork and Jewelry Designs that's where I will mainly be posting the pictures at...just click on the link below and don't forget to click the 'like' button:

*So excited to about this...

This picture of my hand is going to be part of a really cool project:
Many Hands Make ArtWork
Living in Generosity Hand Art Cards
available at Art-Is  click here for more information about this exciting project:


So on that note I will be signing off...gotta lot of pictures of new jewelry and art to take and I'm planning on posting them on my FB 'like' page this weekend!  Hope you all have a great weekend and God bless!

Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

On the way to *OVERFLOW*!!

Sooo...I've been working on usual...and as I look around my home, my life...I realize that alot of my things around me are 'incomplete'...I'm usually an optimistic gal and like to view it all as glass half full but for some reason...that's not working for me right now!

I can see very clearly that all the projects and goals I have; spiritually, personally, homely, artistically...are 3/4's full but the 1/4 needs to be established...for some reason...I am not satisfied with 3/4...I want my glass to be *OVERFLOWING*!!

This is very new to me and leaves me feeling a little anxious...but I KNOW...DEEPLY KNOW...that this is from GOD!  I pray everyday and night for him to lead me what I need to do...he knows my dreams and goals...everything I do and do not do...rights or wrongs...and loves me I know that he is leading me to dream BIGGER!

Everytime I pray for him to lead me to a place where I can feel I am successful with my life...I hear him saying to me to 'BE READY!'

Right now...I am just trying to take this new view in...and make the decisions I need to make to be ready for the state of *OVERFLOW* that I know my Lord is bringing me to...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A New Discovery...Rising From The Ashes...

Wow...and what a discovery for me it was!  Early this morning I was 'Googlin' some things and out of curiosity decided to 'Google' was in this search that I discovered that I really need to learn and understand about the book it works from a writer/illustrator perspective...especially since I am a writer/illustrator of a children's story "The Rose In Floralsopar"...and this children's book...was listed in so many 'online' bookstores all around the world!!  The shocking part to me was the listings that priced my book from $38 up to  $58 per book!  I was so stunned mentally by this...still am actually...and I don't know what to do...don't even have a clue!!  A part of me feels flattered that they would feel my humble little children's story would even be worth that much...but on the other hand...I feel a little cheated.  (*So if anyone has any advise on this matter...I would greatly appreciate it!)

I actually began writing this story and started developing the characters in the early 2000's, in 2003 I spent most of the year with the illustrations and in 2004 had self published it.  I was planning to do a book launch party and everything...but then shortly after recieving my first batch of copies along with posters, postcards and business cards and being sooo excited to promote this grandma became very ill and died...which sent me into a 3 year deep depression/mourning stage of life...I could not even look at my book, my artwork, my scrapbooking, all the things that made me happy...I couldn't was really a hard time of my life.

However, my creative spirit did not die was just that I had to do things differently...for some reason I was able to be creative in the digital scrapbooking media and I even designed digital scrapbook kits for a couple of years.  Thankfully this helped me get out of my 'pit of despair' and eventually I began to paint again and enjoy being creative once more.  Of course there is so much more to this...due to all of the layers that needed to be pulled off and even sometimes burned.

So this year I have been trying to decide if I should do something with my book...was even thinking of redoing it but my husband and sister felt I shouldn't waste my energy revising the old book...but to work on a new one...and we all agreed that it was time to at least promote my book somehow.  So I feel that even though I was totally not expecting what I found this morning...around 7 pages of links to my book at different online bookstores for varying prices...I realized that this was a sign that I need to do something with this story...that it wasn't created for nothing...and whether 'I' do something with it or not...others even if I was planning to get involved in the book industry or's kind of too late...I am out there...this children's story...'The Rose In Floralsopar' out there as if risen from the ashes.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A New Dream...A New Vision...Time For Changes Continues...

"Just as I begin my vision of creating a new artwork to the point of completion...changes continue"
I am soo excited that I woke up extra early with this awesome new vision in my mind...seriously!  Actually there are a lot of things going on that I am excited about...but this new 'vision' is more about my home!  For a while, as much as I love our hasn't really felt or looked as 'homey' to me as I'd like it...especially because our house is part of a 'cookie cutter' community created during the real estate explosion that happened out here in Moreno Valley...but since things are continuing to get better for us financially we have opened our minds to begin dreaming of changes here.  We've got big plans...talked about redoing our kitchen, extending our bedroom out into our porch to create a 'Studio' for me there, redoing all the floors and of course the front and back landscape...basically our whole property!

So a few weeks ago while strolling through 'Home Depot' we were admiring a kitchen design they have there and a sweet gal 'Bridgette' approached us and asked if we were interested in a free consultation...and we said sure!  She sent us home with catalogs and brochures and we set up a 'measurement' appointment.  So last night after a few weeks later we finally got to see the design she created of our 'Dream Kitchen'  and she totally rocked!!  This design of our 'Dream Kitchen' fits all our needs and then some!  Of course it's not something we could immediately do but it gave us the 'New Vision' that we soo needed to make our home "OURS"!  This is just what we needed to motivate us.

I can tell that the Lord is a part of all this and it is amazing when I think about know how the kitchen is supposed to be the heart of the home...I feel that it reflects in my home the changes that are going on within to make real changes you need to purge out things that are blocking you from creating those changes...I'm like 'wow'ed right now about it!  I have so many things that are currently changing within myself and this is only the beginning...just as this new vision for our home has sparked the changes that are surely going to happen...the changes in life...will continue!

Friday, March 9, 2012

I Love How God Is Not Finished With Me...Changes Abound...

*Artwork in Progress:  "Lapis Azul Healing Waters"
I can feel it in the my my mind...the anticipation is growing!  You know when you change your mind about things and you wonder if you should go through with what it is your thinking?  Well that happens to me often...which is part of my problem because it makes me procrastinate about doing...then when I decide to take the can be too late!  This has happened many times and I lose my chance to obtain the goal in mind which has led to many disappointments.  Recently, this has changed...I am now more proactive and I thank God for that!

Currently, I am getting ready for my upcoming 'Spring Blooms' Workshop for next excited because it's actually full!  I've been working on a new jewelry collection for men called 'Wood & Stone' which I really love how they came out & I'm working on a spring line as well! I will be posting pics for all this soon!!  Which brings me to a few announcements of changes going on!!!!  Woohoo!  I just love the atmosphere when change happens...I mean good change...the changes that take a bit of work (sometimes alot of work) but work that will be worth the outcome!!
*Artsy Business Related Changes*

*I have decided to close my Etsy shop...I don't feel that I have a need for it right now as most of my sales are direct and I'd like to focus my energy on my artwork and jewelry designs.

*I also decided that I will only be posting original artwork on E-bay

*I am also looking into a way to set up a store directly from here to keep things simple! :)

*Personal Changes*
Right now in my life I hope that I will be able to recieve the blessing of that hope we are also getting things taken care of so that we can actually begin our long desired goal to become foster parents as well and I feel strongly that this will definately be the year that we will finally be able to welcome a child into our home!!  :)
I feel good in my life right now because I believe that the Lord is leading and guiding me...and I trust in him...I know that he will only lead me to the best places for me.  The painting I posted above is an expression of's still a work in progress...just as I am to God...and how I love that!!

Blessings and Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

*Blessings All Around Me...An Important Reflection!*

My "Happy" Shelf

Sooo many things...many good things have been happening for us here...I know things are not always perfect and there are things I still have to wait on...but I know that the Lord does love me and that he always brings us what we need...I count my many blessings because I know that others do not have as much as I have...I know to not look at what I don't have because I value and appreciate all that the Lord has blessed me with.

As I see the news headlines lately, it gets a bit scary at times and discouraging as sometimes makes me wonder if what I do is of any good for mankind.  But then I realize that these times are when it's most important to embrace the gifts that the Lord has entrusted to me...he has given me the gift to bless others in so many ways:

The first is the gift of empathy/compassion for others...sometimes I felt that it was a curse as I care too much and therefore get hurt by others often...but the Lord has shown me how to bounce back and cling to him through the hurting times and then he blesses me when I recieve beautiful gifts from their smiles, hugs and words of appreciation.

He has also given me the gift of voice to use as a way to touch and heal others with my words and in song...I have always been able to teach and speak to groups of people naturally ever since I began singing in the Church Choir in my early twenties, which is amazing as in my childhood and teens I was extremely shy.  So when I began to use my voice in singing and in speach and to teach I began to take that for granted...but lately I've realized just how important those gifts are.

I am also a words and also artistic expression...I write poetry, stories and sometimes even songs...some are silly others deep and emotional...and in my artistic expression as well...I have been realizing alot of things lately and it was amazing to me just how therapuetic painting and writing are...and I feel the desire to share that with others!

*So I feel in the deepest parts of my soul that what I do is important to lift others up...with my artwork, words and in is important what I is an important gift to share with others in the is important to God that I do what he has called me to do with my is my mission to share the beauty of the Lord with others through my is important...and I am blessed!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cre8tvlyYrs Arts & Crafts Design Lab

I am so happy to report that my very 1st *Cre8tvlyYrs Arts & Crafts Design Lab* Valentine Workshop was a siccess!!  Had a good turn out and the most important part is that all the gals were pleased with their projects...that to me was the success!  We are all looking forward to next month's workshop and we already picked a's gonna be a spring/floral theme and I'm gonna call that workshop the "Bloom" can't wait to start on the artwork for those cards & bracelet design.  Here's a few pics of the Valentine Workshop:

Here's the goodies we made...

I am offering a Valentine Cards mini kit in my etsy shop...
Just click on the link below if your interested:

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I'll be back soon with the "Bloom" Workshop announcement and samples!  This time I'm gonna start sign ups early so I have more time to put together the kits! :)
Cre8tvlyYrs ~ Gina

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Merging My Art With My Life...

It still amazes me of how time flies away from me…perhaps you too know what I mean?  I meant to post since the beginning of the month and here I am barely posting on the last day of the month…lol.   Well, I have been up to a lot of projects and I am sooo excited to share that I am finally going to begin doing workshops here in my home (actually my garage) the “Cre8tvlyYrs Arts & Crafts Design Lab” with the 1st workshop on February 10th!  It’s going to be a Valentine themed workshop of course, where we’ll be making Valentine’s Cards and bracelets.
“Cre8tvlyYrs Arts & Crafts Design Lab = A Dream coming to Reality
I’m so excited about this because I have long dreamed of  being an Art Teacher, in fact when I met my husband I was full force on that path but I decided to take a break while planning our Wedding and I’m sure you know what happened…yeah…life!!  So I wasn’t crushed about not being able to finish getting my degrees to teach but it’s always something I still naturally do, especially when it comes to arts & crafts.
Through the years when I’ve shared my art with others in gifts and commissions people have often asked me how did I do that or if I could show them how and I’d say sure…but since I get so easily distracted (ADHD) I haven’t ever done it.  But in the back of my mind, I have this little dream of me having a ‘Cre8v Lab’ or Art studio teaching and sharing with others this gift of mine…of being creative.
So recently…about a week ago, I had this dream that I was talking to others about opening up an arts & crafts ‘Design Lab” and when I woke up I told my husband and he was just as excited as I was and said that I should do it!  So that got me motivated and I’ve been sooo excited since getting my house and the garage ready as well as drawing up and editing all my Valentine themed artwork for the Valentine cards we will be making.  I will be posting samples of everything as I get them done!

I can’t wait for what this direction in my journey of life will lead to me!!  I feel that one of my dreams is coming to reality and this quote that my Uncle posted to me yesterday certainly coincides with that: 
“Know your dream, Know that you are worthy of your dream.  Feel the passion of your dream.”  -Unknown
 God bless and enjoy your days to the fullest!!
Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina
P.S.  I just had to include this Memorial I created on January 19th...