Monday, June 25, 2012

The Blessings of Love & Opening your Hearts...

Helloooo!  I am still those of you who have stumbled upon or visit my blog! ;)  I've been and still am very busy with alot of changes to our home the past few months so I just thought I'd post a little update and will add pictures of some of these changes too!  Lately we have been being blessed by alot of things in so many ways since we have been continuing with our process of Foster Care Certification.  Also, I have been enjoying precious family time!  We are almost done with our certification process to become Foster Parents and I'm hoping that by next month we will have 2 new additions to our family...which we are really looking forward to! :)  We just need 2 more steps but we will still have to wait for the transfer process as they are living in the State of Washington right now.

We have rearranged our living spaces and my art room/studio is in a different area...temporarily until we can add a sunroom to our home.  We have cleared out both rooms and all Art needs to do is put up some closet doors and we are very possibly going to remodel the door placement.  I still am purging and organizing my 'stuff' not my art stuff but my personal memorabilia and belongings...I have been highly motivated by this organizer/author/motivator Julie Morgenstern  if you are ever needing to reorganize your life...I highly recommend her...especially her 'SHED'ding process.  I have never been able to get to this state of change or 'SHED'ding as I am in now and it's all thanks to her motivational way of clarifying the need to SHED...I will definately do a dedicated blog about this in another post. 

On my artistic/creative part of my's kind of been sitting on the back burner...of course I have been fiddling in my art journal but no new artwork yet and very little jewelry.  Recently, I got a decent sized bag of jewelry findings with some really beautiful pendants and single earring pieces that I can make into pendants!   Although I have been very busy with all the changes going around as we are getting ready to foster I hope I can squeeze in some time to make some new jewelry out of some of those pieces!! Funny how something old can renew or respark my creativity that's been sitting on the back burner for far too long!

Since I have been unproductive 'creatively' - I feel it's because I have been only focusing and mentally preparing myself for the changes that will happen when these 2 little ones become a part of our family.  But I also recognize that the artist within me is getting a little 'stir crazy' so to's like a restlessness I kept ignoring because I felt I would get too distracted from the many important health & household releated things we are doing to prepare and get certified for fostering.  I do recognize though that as an artist, it is important that I give myself permission to artistically express myself as it is always a good thing for me spiritually and mentally!

It's amazing how sometimes I think is what I do 'artistically' a necessity...does it really matter?  But then I realize that creating art is a blessing of Love...of opening my heart to share an expression to the world...and it may not touch everybody...but it can touch those who's hearts were meant to be touched...even mine...the amazing part about this realization is that I realized that what I do 'artistically' is just as important for me to do as me being a foster mother...opening my heart in every way in order for me to recieve the blessings of Love...with this new sense of awareness I can feel free to paint something to express this and know that it is something that matters and feel good about it!

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