Thursday, May 17, 2012

Life in Transition... life is surely in a transtional state right now...right now my husband and I are working on getting our home ready for one of the most important changes of all...I can't really say exactly what it is yet...but I'm hoping by next week I can reveal the whole situation.  All I can share is that it involves giving up my Art room...this has been the most challenging but I know that the sacrifice is worth it.

Now I know it's not a serious sacrifice like giving up your life but to an artist it's a sacrifice of what you do and who you are...I know my life is going to change dramatically and I have accepted that and always known that eventually I would be in this place of life.  Even though I have accepted has been challenging for me...I'm very happy about what's going to evolve in our life but I am also a little sad...which I cannot ignore...I know that in time my husband is going to build a room addition so I can get my studio back and that my 'Art space' will temporarily moved to our dining area so all is not lost!

Soo right now we have been rearranging our home to accomodate our upcoming life altering situation.  On Tuesday my dad & brother Sal helped my husband Art switch our tv into the front room and also my brother helped install 2 new light fixtures that we needed for me to move my stuff into our dining area...I will be posting pics soon but I want to wait until these rooms are completed in order to show a before and after shot! :)  My main problem right now is trying to figure out what to do with all this 'stuff' that I have in my art room...I sooo wish I had some help with that...Lord do I need help with that!!!

Well gotta get back to work...keep us in your prayers and God bless! :)  Gina

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