Friday, October 17, 2014

Life in Progression...

Progressive Artworks...lately I have been 'feeling' like creating more 'expressive' pieces rather than an image of something.  They are a bit more 'Expressional Abstracts' or what I'd also like to  say are 'Spiritual Expressions' as I like to paint these layers while I am praising the Lord!  :)  These are some current pieces that I am working on...these are going to have alot of layers...can't really say how many but at this point this one has about 7 so far...this is on a 16" x 20" Canvas.

This piece is more mixed media since I have a layer of decoupaged fancy napkins on it.
This one has about 7 layers as well and is on a 11" X 14" canvas.

I'm also working on some 'mini' artworks...some ATC/ACEO's
on 2.5x3.5 watercolor paper...these are also artworks in progress...

 Well I 'm so happy that I finally can create my own original art's definately a reflection of my own life in progression!  God Bless & Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

*10 Days of Freebies!!*

Sample created with Cozy Love Birds

Today is the 1st of 10 Days of Freebies!

The Owlzaga's
Just go over to my FB page here:  Cre8tvlyYrs Designz by Gina Arzaga  from today until the 10th of October I will be posting freebies that I created to coordinate with my 10 new digital stamps I have available over at my Whimsy Stamps store!!

Scaredy Cat
So I thought I'd share a few of my samples I created using my Digital Stamps!  I also have new artwork to share and some tutorials and such that I'll be posting about on my YouTube channel soon!  Don't forget to check back soon for that and to get my freebies don't forget to go to my FB page link above!!

God bless and Cre8tvlyYrs!  Gina