Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Celebrating The Joys Of Being Cre8tvlyYrs...

Hello everyone!  Above is the painting I created for my dad on his birthday (Sunday)...the background is what I filmed for the process video.  Thank God,  I am finally able to post here my Mixed-Media Monday process video!  I really meant to post this on Monday but I notice that time is accelarated around me and well after I got through taking care of my daughter (who is still sick) and the editing of these videos is taking quite alot more time than I am anticipating...all of a sudden it's past midnight...ugh!!  Oh well, I am going to probably need to film and edit the days before each day...lol!  Seriously though, I will get these out on the days they are supposed to be...I will make sure of it!

Well I also wanted to share with you all a photo I took of my prizes for my "Celebrate My Launch Week" Give Away I'm doing  plus I included them in the MMM video too as well as gave all the information about it there!  ;)  I hope you don't mind but the end of the video was cut a little short and I didn't get to do the whole piece - only the background.

I decided to still use that for my process video to show what my process is when I create my canvases...and also because I will be doing an actual tutorial for another workshop at HKC featuring a similar process.  The workshop video will be more detailed and include way more techniques for the background and doing this last video helped me to know what 'not' to do with the workshop filming process.  This is the other reason for me to do these videos...it's great practice for me!  Well I hope you enjoy my process video and that inspires you to try it out or spark an interest for you!  May your week be full of blessings!  Cre8tvlyYrs in Christ!  Gina :)