Monday, September 24, 2012

Welcoming the new chapter of my life...

As we enter this new season (my favorite by the way) of Autumn I am also so excited about the new chapter of my life!  To begin this post I'd like to introduce my 'Autumn Angels'...
Autumn Angel - Gladys

Autumn Angel - Abby
I actually drew and painted these in 2009 but it was right before I had that awful migraine fiasco which made it hard for me to do my artwork for a couple of months.  So I never got to 'tweek' them like I usually do with most of my finally last Thursday I detailed the hair better on Glady's and added bg papers to both of the dresses and the leaves on the hats.  Little Abby got a whole face I was really unhappy with the first

I am really happy with how these two came out and I'm going to do another version but on canvas and with both of them combined and I even bought some new paint in a new Autumn color scheme...can't wait to start that!!

Well the end of Summer came with a whole lot of drama and events to shake my world...from what I posted about last of my mom's cancer scare and then just this last Friday I had a real horrific experience of feeling like I lost my all ended with a happy ending...and I'll leave it at I want to keep this post on a happy note! :)

I love this season of Autumn so's the season where I can enjoy the days because it begins to cool down enough for me to go outdoors!   Today we are going to be finishing up our patio project and I'm going to be working on my seasonal home decorations right after I'm done here!  (Pictures of the completed home projects will be posted next time).

*As for our fostering/adoption situation...we need to start the process over but I am looking at it with a positive attitude and got over feeling disappointed because really that doesn't do any good and it's better to just keep moving forward with a clear and positive mind about it...I thank God for keeping me in that mind set!

In a way it seems like my artwork reflects a lot of these things I'm going through...I was able to finish up my little mermaid girl that I started last year at summers end and then finish my old artwork of my 'Autumn Angels' just in time to begin my new life's chapter!

We have a lot of things to look forward to and a lot of people and pets to cherish as long as we still are blessed to have them in our lives...that's what this new chapter of my life is about...CHERISH...really cherishing those we love...being that I recently had to deal with the thoughts of almost not having my mom or my lil fur girl Angela I really do know that I am cherishing them especially but also ALL of my loved ones here now and yet to come...thank you Lord for blessing me with all of them in my life!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Rekindling My Motivation

*A bit of a lengthy Reflection...  ;)

Earlier today I was finding myself just going through the motions with my daily chores and even with my art supplies...just looking at it...feeling very confused about it again...but I thank God for showing me that all I needed to do was rekindle my motivation.  There are many times especially recently when I catch myself thinking negative thoughts towards myself...whether they are of my own brain or influenced by an outside source remains to be seen but I am glad that I am catching on sooner rather than later.  I used to not catch on until way too later but I know that due to my praying everyday for the Lord to lead and guide me...that he is!  I feel that it's important for me to blog about these things and whatever major life events this is a way for me to see my own progress with my artwork and life...and if I help a soul or two then this is not done in vain.

So 2 weekends ago...I was on a roll...feeling like I was accomplishing so much...then on the Monday after as I was working on reorganizing my art area I got a call from my dad...he was upset...and for those who know my dad, you know that's a rarity.  They had went to the Dr. that day due to my mom looking yellow and her liver count was high.  The Dr. told my parents that they seen a mass in her liver area and that it was most likely cancer...he did this without a biopsy!!  So you can imagine how this sent me into what I can only describe as a 'Super focus' mode on my mom...I could not think of anything and was very unproductive until my mom got home.

So from Monday through Tuesday I was at the hospital with my dad.  By Tuesday the doctors were now saying that it wasn't Cancer (Thank God).  We had so many family & friends praying for my mom so she was being showered in prayer coverage!!  By Wednesday...I was wiped sugars were too high and it was like I was recouperating from what felt like a hangover!!  My mom was able to come home on Friday while they waited for all the test results and just yesterday we found out she is clear of cancer (they did many tests and biopsy's) but that she has auto immune hepattitus and are now treating her for this.  I thank God for my husband for being such a great support to me through all this!

Add to the same time of all this going on that week we found out that we are going to have to start all over again to get our background checks and home inspections since we are now going to be fostering to adoption through the's a long complicated story but we are strong and will go through what we need to but I won't lie...I am very disappointed and concerned for my little girl.  I guess these combined things slipped me into a little funk...which led to my post title.

I was trying to stay focused on getting back on track this week...doing pretty well...but it felt like such a struggle but I did it...I posted my first batch of original art for sale, which I have been needing to do for a long time it felt good...but then when there were no responses...well, that's when those ugly negative thoughts started to creep in...I began to think, well maybe I'm not that good...should I even continue down this path?  Well when the even worse & critical self thoughts popped up I felt like all my creative energy was getting drained from me...even though last night I finished redoing my 2 'Autumn Angels' and was very happy with them...I began to look at my work and felt somewhat defeated.

I decided to watch some videos on youtube for inspiration and I found a few about getting motivated and in one of them this guy was saying to think of a time that I felt learn or pay attention to what triggers my motivation.  I'm still trying to figure that one I thought to know maybe I should just work on I decided to finish up my little mermaid...sort of a way to complete the process of saying goodbye to summer and hello to the new Autumn season...a new beginning to the next chapter of my life...a rekindling of my motivation!

'Marina' - Original Artwork by Gina Arzaga


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Feeling so blessed...

Today is one of those days were I feel so blessed...blessed so much that almost anything that sounds beautiful or looks beautiful makes me teary eyed!  It's such a blissful feeling...knowing that in every thing I do...I am not alone and that the Lord is leading and guiding me!  I love the Lord sooo much...there are not enough words to even describe how I feel for him...for all the thanks & praise...not enough word is sufficient to describe these feelings!!
Praise Birdies Series - Fly Like a Bird to the Lord, My Soul
I've been very productive with my artwork and it's taking me some time but I'm filling up my Etsy Shop as fast as I can!  I have so many products I'm working on like bookmarkers, Art prints, and I also decided that from now on I will only be producing jewelry that has my artwork on it...soo having fun with those...I'll post pics soon! 
Love Is In The Air - Illustrative Art
 In my personal life...God has definately been making things happen...we are very close for the arrival of a very special little girl named Cailan Marie (she is 3 1/2 yrs old) but we are going to not just be fostering but adopting her. For those of you who know my husband & know how much this means for us!! We are very excited and cannot wait to meet her!
Live With Joy - Whimsy Blooms Series
 The Lord is answering many prayers that I have prayed for from long ago to even recent...I feel his love and he has been blessing me with so much...I feel like he's showering me with kisses and I'm loving every minute of it!! :)
God Bless & Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina
'Roots Of Faith' Trees Series - #2 Tree Of Life