Monday, September 24, 2012

Welcoming the new chapter of my life...

As we enter this new season (my favorite by the way) of Autumn I am also so excited about the new chapter of my life!  To begin this post I'd like to introduce my 'Autumn Angels'...
Autumn Angel - Gladys

Autumn Angel - Abby
I actually drew and painted these in 2009 but it was right before I had that awful migraine fiasco which made it hard for me to do my artwork for a couple of months.  So I never got to 'tweek' them like I usually do with most of my finally last Thursday I detailed the hair better on Glady's and added bg papers to both of the dresses and the leaves on the hats.  Little Abby got a whole face I was really unhappy with the first

I am really happy with how these two came out and I'm going to do another version but on canvas and with both of them combined and I even bought some new paint in a new Autumn color scheme...can't wait to start that!!

Well the end of Summer came with a whole lot of drama and events to shake my world...from what I posted about last of my mom's cancer scare and then just this last Friday I had a real horrific experience of feeling like I lost my all ended with a happy ending...and I'll leave it at I want to keep this post on a happy note! :)

I love this season of Autumn so's the season where I can enjoy the days because it begins to cool down enough for me to go outdoors!   Today we are going to be finishing up our patio project and I'm going to be working on my seasonal home decorations right after I'm done here!  (Pictures of the completed home projects will be posted next time).

*As for our fostering/adoption situation...we need to start the process over but I am looking at it with a positive attitude and got over feeling disappointed because really that doesn't do any good and it's better to just keep moving forward with a clear and positive mind about it...I thank God for keeping me in that mind set!

In a way it seems like my artwork reflects a lot of these things I'm going through...I was able to finish up my little mermaid girl that I started last year at summers end and then finish my old artwork of my 'Autumn Angels' just in time to begin my new life's chapter!

We have a lot of things to look forward to and a lot of people and pets to cherish as long as we still are blessed to have them in our lives...that's what this new chapter of my life is about...CHERISH...really cherishing those we love...being that I recently had to deal with the thoughts of almost not having my mom or my lil fur girl Angela I really do know that I am cherishing them especially but also ALL of my loved ones here now and yet to come...thank you Lord for blessing me with all of them in my life!!

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