Thursday, January 28, 2010

"They Sing LaLaLa"

That is the name of the painting featured here on my blog and in my 1st Art Journal Kit that I'm getting ready to release in my Divine Digital Boutique! I actually painted this a few years ago and it's still one of my favorites. Sooo excited to get these kits going! I'm actually going to include an Art Journal Guide with each set. There will also be ongoing challenges here and possibly at Divine Digital as well! Here's a preview of 'Pieces of my heART' ~ Art Journal Kit #1:

*Prints of this original painting featured in the kit and on this blog 'They Sing LaLaLa' will be available here soon. Just working on a few things that need tweeking and I'll be making my prints for most of my artwork available here soon! 'They Sing LaLaLa' is perfect for those rooms that you need a little burst of color and whimsy!

***More Design News:
I'm currently working on lots of Valentine inspired Drawings coming to the Divine Digital Boutique soon as 'Digital Stamp Sets'! I'm sooo excited about these as there will even be card fronts included! I've been wanting to do this for years but never got these together in time! These will definately be in the shop by next Monday ~ Feb. 1st!!

****So that's all for now! Please come and visit as I just may be including a freebie or two here on Monday! ;o) Have a fabulous weekend and God bless you all! Cre8tvlyYrs ~ Gina

Sunday, January 24, 2010

One step at a time...

These days it seems I am moving in slow motion...perhaps being too hesitant or is it that I'm being too picky? I can't seem to decide which it is but I am doing one of the two! There is a lot of things going on at the same time and with my ADHD it really makes it tough for me to focus on where to even begin! One thing I have been making sure I do is spend more time w/my family and friends.

This weekend my niece/Goddaughter has stayed w/us since Friday and we've been soaking in all her sweet & innocent enthusiasm for life. She truly is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day! Her & I have been making hand made Birthday cards together and they are actually coming out great! She is a doll about following directions and loves to pay attention to detail...even at the age of 7! So I began last week sort of like the weather and ended it with lots of sunshine!

I did begin to set up my shop over at Divine Digitals but I still need to add lots more! I also am working on a few kits that are actually from some of my original artwork but this is where the hesitancy or pickiness is taking place the most. I noticed that I am really not 'feeling' happy about how these are coming out and I am not going to put just anything out there because these are representing my artwork and for that I'm being a perfectionist about it. So...those may be out when I formally announce the store opening or they might be later. I've learned not to force things as when the time is right then it will be all right!

For now, I will definately be putting only my newer kits and favorites at that! What ever isn't put in the shop is most likely not going to be unless I rework it...which I doubt because I'd like to create all new stuff from now on! :) *I especially look forward to creating a kit featuring 'Valentina' soon! I am moving one step at a time here so you will see changes abound whether they be slow or on swift feet!

God bless you and have a wonderful day! Cre8tvlyYrs ~ Gina

Monday, January 11, 2010

More Changes Going On...

Since the beginning of this year, actually even before...I knew that this is going to be a year of major changes for me. I've been declaring it with so much excitement that sometimes I can't hold back my expressive zeal for it! What changes? You may wonder...well, first of all the most important and exciting change for me is the change I feel within my soul. I KNOW that the Lord has been preparing me for years for what is to come and the Holy Spirit is reigniting my soul and guiding me even more lately!

I know that my artwork will definately be reflecting this and it's got me soo excited...even though I have not felt the prompting to actually begin painting again...I'm still drawing as I always am but since my visit to the hospital I've rarely picked up my paintbrush. I did do a few things but not detailed art just more 'abstracty' type of work. lol. I also have been working in my art journal now and then. But I think that is just how my brain has been trying to mend itself from that incident. :)

Anyways, the other thing that I feel the Lord has prepared me to do WRITE another book! I am REALLY excited about this!! I first got inspired to write about this certain subject at least 5- 10 years ago but more recently...around November 2009, about a few weeks after my 'incident' I felt the Holy Spirit urging me to grab a pen and paper and I just began writing continuosly for at least 10 minutes an outline for the story I feel led to write. I call this the 'downloading' stage...seriously, it's like the Holy Spirit fills my mind and then I write all that I can before my thoughts fade. I don't want to give too much away about this story yet but I will definately be bringing it up as it's developing here on this blog.

Which brings me to the next small change...I have decided to keep things simpler for myself, so this will be the main blog I will be using for all my blogging needs for now. I know I mentioned in December that I have another blog I will be using for my designing stuff but I need to keep things simple and I realized that if I do that I'll just be adding too much confusion for myself! lol. (Especially since I have ADD/ADHD and it's the main reason I had my incident as I tend to do too many other things and neglect my health.) So please don't be confused if you come here and see my Digital Scrapbook/Art Journal kit previews posted here along with my artwork! :)

Speaking of health...I am seriously working on my health in all areas: Mentally (ADD/ADHD issues), Physical (eating healthier and EXERCISE!!) >> to control and hopefully diminish Diabetise, HB pressure & High well as lose weight! I am like many others who has said this many times, many years as a "New Year's Resolution" but this is more like a "Life's Resolution" because now my life depends on this and if I don't do this, my life's dreams will not be nor the Lord's Missions for my life be accomplished. Believe me when I say...this realization is what is driving me to pursue accomplishing these health goals this time.

Well, honestly...I had NO intentions of posting such a long and refective post here! lol! So with all that I've mentioned above, I leave you with this: I pray that we will all have a wonderfully blessed and prosperous life in the years that remain for us and that we may always be blessings & inspiration to each other. Cre8tvlyYrs in Christ forever, Gina Arzaga

Monday, January 4, 2010

It's a brand new beginning of time...

I really feel so excited with what this new decade will be bringing me. The last decade was not too good for me. I thank God for the blessings and love he has brought me to carry me through the tough times as there were many struggles for me. I was in a place lost out in the wilderness...mentally and spiritually. But I know it was also a place of growth for me...a place of preparing for what was to come. And now here it is: my time to breakthrough and reach up as high as I possibly can! It is now my new beginning of time for a wonderful adventure.

I am here Lord...take me there!