Monday, June 20, 2011

Being Swept In A Different Yet Exciting Direction...

It's really exciting for me in all aspects recently...spiritually, mentally, physically, and especially artistically! I feel like I am literally being led by the Holy the hand of God himself in where I am going with my life and all aspects of it...and this has been happening recently. It feels like I have awoken from a looong deep sleep where I was sleepwalking through for the past years. It's a feeling of awareness that I have never experienced!

It all began with serious prayer...asking the Lord to reveal to me the direction I am to be going...and this prayer I had been praying for years! In fact I prayed it so much that I was beginning to wonder if it was being! What's amazing to me is that he has been revealing to me through messages from others by teachings, preachings and even music...but it wasn't like a big direct message...but in little hints here and there...until the point where I realized that I was being led and have been being led to a destination unknown to myself but knowing that I am being led there by God...making me see that exciting realization that I have been and still trust in him!!

What's amazing about this to me, is that I have always claimed to trust in him and even taught others how important it is to have faith in him, to trust him...and you know the saying "it's easier to say it than do it" when I came through some really challenging know the kind that keep happening over and over and one right after another to the point of frustration...well I have just come out of one of those looong 'in the wilderness' journeys and was so happy to see that even in all those hard times I can truly say that I have kept my trust in him...and still do. I know that in this journey of life there will always be challenges but there is a change in the wind...a change led by the hand of God...he is my Abba Father holding my little hand...leading me...guiding me!!!

There is soooo much that he has aspired and inspired me to do and sometimes I wonder how could it be possible to do all these things Lord? Then he reminds me to keep my trust in him and that through him ALL things are possible! He has reminded me that I have a purpose and that there is NO time to waste! For begins with home...keeping peace and love alive and thriving not allow the evil one any entry be a haven for our family! I have challenges others do not and ADHD is one of them...but I have been learning how to use the positive aspects of it and how to keep myself from getting too distracted or focused...just like being's all about balance...which I also realize that's what the Lord has been trying to teach be balanced in all that I do.

I realized he wants me to be balanced with my life so that when he wants to change the direction of my path I will be able to handle a surfer balances on a surfboard riding the waves...they have to be balanced on that board and ready to go with the direction of that wave they are riding...hmmm...this is an amazing realization that just plopped out for me even more because my life was actually saved by a surfer!

True story: When I was a little girl about the age of 9, my cousin & I were floating on a raft and the current was taking us out to sea...we were scared and crying because even though we were kicking with all our might we were not able to get to shore. I remember that even though I was scared and crying I did have a sense of trust in God...although I had no idea about it in that cousin was starting to panic...she was older than me and so her reaction was definately influencing me. Thanks be to God, we ended up floating into a group of about 5 surfers that were sitting on their boards waiting for the next wave to ride.

So imagine if you will; 5 teenaged surfer boys on their 1978 sized surfboards floating about getting bumped by a little raft that the air was coming out of from us 'sqeezing' the air out of as we were literally clinging to it for dear life...whimpering and crying! They were like 'what the h--- are you little girls doing out here? Then one of them took us back to shore...I'll never forget how I was saved by a surfer guardian angel!! Seriously!!

Now the other good thing that happened for us is that my Uncle Raul (my cousin's dad) had been watching us and walking along the shore to make sure we were safe...back then there were no cell phones of course, so I suppose he felt he needed to keep his eyes on us...he is a very tall man so he was able to see us. What happened to us felt like forever but it actually happened within 5-10 minutes. So when the surfer boy got us to shore my uncle was waiting and took us back to our area. I don't remember too much after the point of getting to shore...I just remember seeing how far away we had drifted from our family!

Let me tell you that I am in awe of how amazing the Lord is!! These past few weeks I have been feeling as though I am in a current of water...being swept in a different yet exciting direction!!

*Author's note: (Seriously...I typed the title for this post before I even began this post and for the record...I do not preplan what I'm going to write about...I like my blog posts to be my inner reflections and to just flow out...I had not even thought of my beach tide rescue for a while either...Awesome!!)