Thursday, April 21, 2011

Walking by Faith and not by Sight...

II Corinthians 5:7

That is how I have been these days...especially since my schedule has became more busy these days! As a Catholic-Christian and now being in the Choir...these next 4 days we have masses that begin today and our Choir sings at all 4 masses. It is a whole meditative/reflection of the Passion and Sacrifice our Lord has done for us and we end it by celebrating his love and resurrection on Easter Sunday. Now I am not required to be at all 4 masses but I would like I will see if I am able all depending on if I am able to. I have always wanted to experience what we call the 'Tridum' which is the 3 days of reflecting before Easter what better way than by being a part of that in the choir? I think I just talked myself into

As for my creative stuff...definately been jewelry designs have been keeping me busy with orders...I do not even have time to post pics as my jewelry just gets bought before I even get a chance to even take a picture! I count my blessings...and I even have been drawing just about every day...haven't had much time to paint yet but after Easter I do plan to paint and finish up some of my artwork...maybe even post some to sell on E-bay. I am now also offering slideshows to my memory artwork services over on my site >> check there for more information! :)

Well just wanted to be sure and wish everyone....the whole 100,000 million of you who stop by every day a whole hearted 'Happy Easter'!!! Not the Easter bunny kind...but the beautiful love of Christ kind...that he died for us...because he loved us soooo much! Love you all too & God Bless! Creatively Yours in Christ, Gina Arzaga