Friday, August 10, 2012

Right Paths For My Journey & Open Floodgates

Finally, on the right path of my journey...

The floodgates to my creative flow has opened!

Here are a few of my newest artworks:

'Roots of Faith' Trees Series #1 Proverbs 11:28
So I've actually been very busy these days...much has changed and still is changing spiritually, personally, and artistically...all good changes...things may not be perfect (but when are they ever!) but I feel that I am finally on the right path of my journey of life...which feels wonderful!!

There is so much that I have discovered about myself and I know that as long as I focus on letting go of things I have no control over...that God leads & guides me to the places that he needs me to be and where HE wants me to be!

Right now, spiritually...I believe I've entered in a new, more mature phase of being amazed by God!!  The last phase I was in was more of, well I always believe in him...but I was wondering if he really could know me...with all the things going on in this or why would he have me in his thoughts...little me in this big old universe...
Full view of 'Roots of Faith' Trees Series #1 top painting
 Well let me tell you...he has and is very much revealing to me in the most smallest of details that he does have me in his thoughts and that he IS aware of my dreams and what my concerns are...this has really put me in a new level of awestruck and amazement of HIM!

This surely has overflowed to all other areas of my life too!  In my married life, my husband and I are both experiencing this together and our love is growing stronger as we are getting even closer than I thought we could ever be.  My husband is also really encouraging me with my artwork and this has really helped to open me up for all the new artwork & ideas flowing out of me!

We are still waiting for the Foster Care situation to be resolved...which we are now going to need to be adopting one very special little 3 year old girl (I can't really say too much for family/privacy reasons)...but even though we are still needing to go through more training and all the other things that go with this process...I know we will be fine with the Lord leading and guiding us all the way! 

This was part of the reason for my starting my 'Roots of Faith' Tree series which will feature trees and scriptures relating of trees, roots, faith and growth!  I'm really excited about this series it's a more freeing form of painting without having to detail too much.  This first one I posted features this scripture that upon reading it I knew it was a perfect starting point for this series:  "A life devoted to things is a dead life, a stump; a God-shaped life is a flourishing tree."  - Proverbs 11:28

Butterfly Angels Series #1 ~ 'Auroura'
I'm also excited about 'Auroura' from my Butterfly Angel Series that I posted here...this was also a fun way of painting and I included more dimensional embellishments and fun too!  I am also finishing up another cute little angel and tree painting that I will post next time!

Well before I go, I'd like to make a 'pre' announcement that I will be 'Re-opening' my Etsy Boutique!!  I will be working on all that this weekend and so I hope to make another announcement, which will include free giveaways and specials, as soon as I've got it all set check back here or my FB Art page soon for updates!!

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