Friday, August 31, 2012

My Whimsy HeArt...

Well it took me all month...but I finally did it...I have finally
re-opened my Etsy shop!!  After a couple of months of thinking about it and praying for direction on where to go with my art...whether my art is of value or 'good enough'...well the Lord had answered me about this and other things going on in my life...he told me 'YES' my art is of value and that I am 'good enough'...not directly to me in those words but in so many little ways and conversations with others.

What's amazing is that as soon as I finally felt it in my creative flow returned in abundance!!  Since then I have been painting so many new pieces of art and have soo many more in the works!  That's what led me to call my etsy shop *Gina's Whimsy HeArt Boutique*!!  Love the name and I am definately loving all the art and ideas flowing my way!!

So in the beginning of the month I was getting pics ready and working on getting the shop set took me longer than I intended but we have so many other things going on especially being blessed with a miracle to adopt a very special little girl named Cailan!   There are so many wonderful things going on in my life right now!

To kick things off for my Boutique 'Re-Opening' I have a coupon code for 15% off for this Labor Day Weekend only and you can only get the code on my 'Like' page...and since I'm also going to do some give aways there this weekend you may want to stop by! :)  To check out my Etsy Shop/Boutique just click on the announcement above and it'll take you there!

I will be adding more things soon but not until after Labor Day weekend as I am going to be too busy this weekend...tonight is my Cousin Sarah's B-day party, tomorrow is my Cousin Mariah's 16th B-day party and then on Sunday we are going to have some special company over!  Well with all that...I better get to finishing up some B-day cards!!  God Bless & Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina :) 

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