Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Merging My Art With My Life...

It still amazes me of how time flies away from me…perhaps you too know what I mean?  I meant to post since the beginning of the month and here I am barely posting on the last day of the month…lol.   Well, I have been up to a lot of projects and I am sooo excited to share that I am finally going to begin doing workshops here in my home (actually my garage)...in the “Cre8tvlyYrs Arts & Crafts Design Lab” with the 1st workshop on February 10th!  It’s going to be a Valentine themed workshop of course, where we’ll be making Valentine’s Cards and bracelets.
“Cre8tvlyYrs Arts & Crafts Design Lab = A Dream coming to Reality
I’m so excited about this because I have long dreamed of  being an Art Teacher, in fact when I met my husband I was full force on that path but I decided to take a break while planning our Wedding and I’m sure you know what happened…yeah…life!!  So I wasn’t crushed about not being able to finish getting my degrees to teach but it’s always something I still naturally do, especially when it comes to arts & crafts.
Through the years when I’ve shared my art with others in gifts and commissions people have often asked me how did I do that or if I could show them how and I’d say sure…but since I get so easily distracted (ADHD) I haven’t ever done it.  But in the back of my mind, I have this little dream of me having a ‘Cre8v Lab’ or Art studio teaching and sharing with others this gift of mine…of being creative.
So recently…about a week ago, I had this dream that I was talking to others about opening up an arts & crafts ‘Design Lab” and when I woke up I told my husband and he was just as excited as I was and said that I should do it!  So that got me motivated and I’ve been sooo excited since getting my house and the garage ready as well as drawing up and editing all my Valentine themed artwork for the Valentine cards we will be making.  I will be posting samples of everything as I get them done!

I can’t wait for what this direction in my journey of life will lead to me!!  I feel that one of my dreams is coming to reality and this quote that my Uncle posted to me yesterday certainly coincides with that: 
“Know your dream, Know that you are worthy of your dream.  Feel the passion of your dream.”  -Unknown
 God bless and enjoy your days to the fullest!!
Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina
P.S.  I just had to include this Memorial I created on January 19th...

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