Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holding Onto Hope & Keeping The Faith

How could I NOT post today?  I just had's such a significant date!  *12/12/12*
Besides, I am so excited about all the new Artful Goodies I've been adding to my Etsy shop and after yesterdays looong and reflective post I thought I'd do a new post to feature what I've been up to creatively of course.  So my newest art print that I just uploaded to my Etsy shop is the one I've got on my blog topper...'Blessed Mother Mary ~ Holding Onto Hope"...which I love soo much that I can't bear to let go of it...this usually happens with my 'firsts'.  I am planning on creating more art like this too...but for now I'm gonna be busy making the following goodies with this image:  *Ornaments  *Christmas Cards  *Bookmarkers  * Pendants  *Altered Dominoes and who knows what else!

If you'd like to order this and any of my other goodies in my etsy shop...just click on the photo above and the link will take you there! :)

I've also been working on creating 'Mini Art Blocks' and 'Mini Art Jewels' all featuring my artworks!  Here's a pic of some custom orders and some more 'Mini Art Jewels' that I'm workin on:

I also have some original art that I'm hoping to get finished up this week...I've sketched some cute 'Christmas/Winter' themed art like:  A cute little girl with a snow angel, Baby Bea's 1st Christmas, and more!  Well as you can see...I'm gonna be very busy...I soo feel like a Christmas Elf!!  I'm feeling inspired...and that's when I need to 'go with the flow'!  I'll be posting pictures on my FB 'Like' page as I list on my Etsy on the photo below to get the link to my FB 'Like' page to see what I'm up to more often than I post here! ;)
I hope that this Christmas season bring you much joy and if it isn't...sometime it's because we need to slow down and reflect what Christmas is really about...that after all is what Advent is about!  So Here's to holding onto Hope and keeping the Faith!  God bless you all!  Cre8tvlyYrs~Gina


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