Monday, April 2, 2012

On the way to *OVERFLOW*!!

Sooo...I've been working on usual...and as I look around my home, my life...I realize that alot of my things around me are 'incomplete'...I'm usually an optimistic gal and like to view it all as glass half full but for some reason...that's not working for me right now!

I can see very clearly that all the projects and goals I have; spiritually, personally, homely, artistically...are 3/4's full but the 1/4 needs to be established...for some reason...I am not satisfied with 3/4...I want my glass to be *OVERFLOWING*!!

This is very new to me and leaves me feeling a little anxious...but I KNOW...DEEPLY KNOW...that this is from GOD!  I pray everyday and night for him to lead me what I need to do...he knows my dreams and goals...everything I do and do not do...rights or wrongs...and loves me I know that he is leading me to dream BIGGER!

Everytime I pray for him to lead me to a place where I can feel I am successful with my life...I hear him saying to me to 'BE READY!'

Right now...I am just trying to take this new view in...and make the decisions I need to make to be ready for the state of *OVERFLOW* that I know my Lord is bringing me to...

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