Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Etsy Boutique is officially open!

Wow! I finally did it! I actually am on a good start in my Etsy shop! I have a total of 20 pieces of artwork for sale...I'm still working on it too...have at lease 5 more to add plus way more artworks in process! If your looking for some new artwork, I hope you'll browse through my just might find something you like! :) The link to my boutique is in the sidebar but here's another link just to make it easy: Cre8tvlyYrsGina's Arts & Crafts Boutique
I recently decided to add 'crafts' to the title for my boutique because once in a while I get 'crafty' and when I do I'll be selling them in the boutique too! :)

Since it would take forever to post the pics here I created a slideshow from flickr:

I will be doing a 'Grand Opening' Artwork Give Away...which I will post later today or tomorrow the latest so please come by for that!! :) Thanks for stopping by & have a blessed day everyone!
Cre8tvlyyrs, Gina

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