Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today is where my book begins...

I feel like the song "Unwritten" ...staring at the blank page before you, open up the dirty window, let the sun illuminate the words that you cannot find...reaching for something in the distance, so close you can almost taste it, release your inhibitions...today is where your book begins...the rest is still unwritten...
Yep that's where I'm at right now! I can feel the inspiration for sooo many projects of ideas I've had for years come alive and it's really exciting! When this song first came out my husband told me that it reminded him of me. Funny thing was that I didn't see that back then...I think because I was still in a negative state from being depressed over my grandma's passing away...

I had just finished getting my 1st children's story published and I was getting ready to look into ways to self promote when my grandma got sick. Within a month she died...and so did my enthusiasm for everything that I was about...my artwork, my story, my just being happy with family & friends.

So my husband was seeing me as the way I was before and at that time I was soo not mentally ready for inspiration even though I was desperately needing it! But now, I hear this song and it's sooo me! I know the Lord is telling me that it's time to move forward with enthusiasm again...to release my inhibitions. Today is where my book begins...the rest is still unwritten!

The cool thing about this is that lately I've been drawing this cute lil' bear and I felt immediately that she was so cute I had to continue drawing her in different outfits and soon I started to feel that finally I have the new character I've been trying to create! I have been wanting to write more children's stories for years as I always have ideas for more but I was stuck w/out a character...I guess that's how I work...lol!

Here's a few paintings I created using some of the characters as gifts for my neices on their Birthdays:

This is Baby Bea's Big sister Betty who loves ladybugs so much that she decided to dress as one! Actually I created this one especially for my Goddaughter/neice Lexi...she was the inspiration for this character because of how much she loves ladybugs! :) "Just Bloom" is actually a quote from my 1st children's story "The Rose In Floralsopar".

Now this is the main character: 'Baby Bea' who's full name is Beatrice Beary. She is only a year old so her character is actually inspired by my 1 yr old niece Zoey! I painted this for my niece Natalie's B-day and she loved this! She's a girly girl who loves pink and polka dots...the look on her face when she opened this was soo touching and will be a precious memory to me always!

As you can see I'm inspired greatly by my nieces as well as my nephews! I am also working on finishing up some artwork to sell, as well as getting pics prepared to post for the etsy shop, and I plan on posting a painting daily. Well, I have much more work to do and also need to start dinner. Have a blessed day everyone! Cre8tvlyYrs ~ Gina :)

P.S. Boy, I sure didn't plan on writing a novela here! lol!

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