Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Leap of Faith...Be Brave!

I am always amazed at how fast time just zooms by! Especially how it's been over a month since I last posted here! Not that anyone's noticed...I am actually pretty sure that I don't have any readers here...and I'm ok with that! This blog is really my digital art journal anyways, just a way for me to document my art journey. If there happens to be a reader or two...hope I'm at least entertaining for ya! ;)

Well, since I last posted here I actually have been creating and painting here and there...finally moving into a more 'consistent' phase! Lately I've just been having fun painting backgrounds, backgrounds and even more backgrounds! I took some photos of them to post but I'm not really happy with the pics of them...they really are more colorful and so fun...I really need a better quality camera! Since these were painted on canvas paper I will try scanning these and see if there's a better outcome...for now here's a little peak at a few of them:

The 1st one is actually on canvas and has more blues and a little collaging on the edges, the 2nd one was more of a spiritually led type of work, and the bottom backgrounds were created all in fun! I am working on other things but lately I'm mostly creating backgrounds!
This weeks goal: I will begin selling my artwork in my etsy shop!! I actually don't have a choice...I need to just be brave and move forward already! We all know how money is tight and jobs are hard to find right now, well for me with all my health conditions...let's just say it's a bit more challenging for me to find a job. Sooo, I've realized for a while now that I need to use the talents that I've got...I'm not all too bad with art and being creative so I figure I got to at least try. I mean really try...I've had an etsy shop but I've never promoted it...not even to my family and friends!!

So here's where the part about me being brave...I need to just take that leap of faith!! No more wasting time...life is way to short for that!

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