Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just Live Life...

Live in the now - not the past...Life is too short to keep looking back!

That's how I've been living these days! In fact, I had a really good talk with my cousin today and she reminded me of this. You see, I've been trying to be aware of everything going on with my spirituality, husband, family, household, me...which has left me little time to focus on my artwork. Which I have expressed has made me feel a little sad, but not too much because I am enjoying being distracted with my family life and sooo many events going on lately! She understood how I felt but simply said "Yeah, but Gina, those things are important." It was a moment of transition for me because I realized that I really have been living life fully!

I'm used to getting lost in something; books, scrapbooking, designing, drawing, painting. So when I mentioned that I noticed I haven't really felt 'creative' like I used to be before I had my little hospital visit and she asked me something no one has ever asked me... "what have you replaced your creativity with?" Then I realized that it was life, connecting with old friends via Facebook, reconnecting with family at family gatherings...actually sitting there and having a focused conversation with them...not with a laptop designing while I chat nor any sketch pads and markers/colored pencils doodling while supposedly listening to their really is a good replacement and I'm so glad that I finally realized that! :)

This alone has seemed to open up in me a fountain of inspiration! I actually feel good inside, that I have been enjoying life more instead of trying to drown out my sorrows or tune out my depression with things that have no meaning...things that don't matter... unless they are inspired by the love of our loved ones all around us!

I feel that this revalation is just what I needed to regain my creative flow but in a more balanced manner...painting with more happier emotions instead of wishing for them! :) On that note, I will go now as I have a busy day's my mom's 60th Birthday Party and we are going to celebrate her!! Happy Birthday mom...I love you! And thank you my beautiful cousin Sarah for being there for me this week...I really needed that! :) God bless you all! :) Gina

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