Monday, May 17, 2010

Inspired by the color BLUE...

Lately I have become so attracted to the color blue...of course blue skies are my favorites but I usually get pink as much as possible. So when my dh & I went to get paint for my new Art/Craft Room I knew I wanted a nice shade of blue...not pink! My Artie was surprised yet relieved at the same time and I am sooo glad I chose blue too! I am so happy because I FINALLY finished putting together my room! Here's a little look at my journey to this itty bitty accomplishment:

First I started to paint the edges & corners as my nephew/Godson Fabi helped me by painting with the roller and in no time voila it was all blue! So I began to get my studio together back in March...

But then I got stuck right here...I'm too embarrassed to show how bad it actually got but it was definately what you would call 'Creative Chaos and Clutter'! I not only got stuck on what to do next in here but also I was stuck creatively! My dog Angela even looked uncomfortable when I'd bring her to her cubby in the wonder huh?
So I finally 'super focused' this weekend on finishing and now my room is nice and finally put together!! I got my supplies and zones all set for me when I'm ready to CREATE!! I'm sooo excited and feel inspired! Here's the paper/paint section: My white cubby holds all my scrapbook paper and the little desk is my 'card making' zone...and of course this is my painting zone:
and my puppy is even happy to go mimi's in her little zone too! :)

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