Saturday, January 15, 2011

I've finally arrived!!

"An artist never arrives too early nor is she ever late...she always arrives in just percisely the right time" -Unknown (adapted from Gandolf the Gray in the Lord of the Rings ;)

Well I am finally here with a fresh batch of enthusiastic news! The first and most exciting thing to me is that I have finally created my own website! I love how it came out (and without sounding like I'm advertising as I'd only like to share for anyone interested in creating their own website for free) using this awesome website company that my brother Alex told me about called! Anyways here's the link to my new website which is also in a link on the sidebar: Gina Arzaga's Multi-Media Artist Website

I hope to in the near future include a shop within the website but I have to wait a bit for that. I'm also going to be trying out e-bay's kind of hard for me as I am never sure how much to even start a bid price for me work. I realize that I'm going to have to be doing my art thing in babysteps. This is all a learning process anyways!

On a personal note; I am feeling much better and have even lost about 25 pounds since I last posted here! I still would like to lose about another 40 pounds at least but again...babysteps! The other reason I need to lose this weight is because I have decided that this is the year I really need to do what I need to do to attempt to have a successful pregnancy. Especially since I am going to turn 42 this February 6th and also there is a lot of pressure from not just my husband but family members as well about this subject! I also feel that I could handle this mentally...and that is really the important factor! There's alot of stuff through the years that have prevented me from being able to get or stay pregnant and I know that when I finally have our baby 'she' will definately be a miracle baby!

I am really excited about what the future will bring and although I don't like to set official 'Resolutions', I have been setting goals. I am determined to really put an effort into getting back into my art work as well as being more creative. I have been doing pretty good so far, I painted a cute painting for my nieces Birthday just last weekend and even began scrapbooking (the traditional/paper way) this Friday and that really felt good! I started a little scrap night w/my mom, sister, sis-n-laws, and nieces in which we will be getting together one Friday night a month to get us to do something bonding together. :)

Most importantly, my husband and I are still teaching a Confirmation class together and it's really a great experience to share our Faith and teach the teens about our Faith. We have a pretty big class of 27 teens (15-17 yr olds) so it's awesome when they actually listen and participate! It's been a blessing for us too.

On that note, God bless you for reading this! I will be posting alot sooner than last time as I am planning to post some artwork in the next few days for e-bay! Hope you all have a wonderful day! :) Gina

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