Thursday, February 14, 2013

In His Glorious Love

Valentina 2013
Hello and Happy Valentine's Day everyone...and may I present my *Valentina ~ 2013* "In his Glorious Love".

This is a very special project that I have been working on and I had become stuck and was struggling with her face for like a few weeks.  But like always, my Lord always provides me with what I's like he sent down the angels down to help me out with much needed inspiration and around 3 am while I was praying/singing the Divine Chaplet of Mercy (as I almost always do each morning if I'm up)...she arrived!  I felt like I was able to express exactly what I wanted to for this piece.

I first created Valentina in 2009 on a 16"x 20" Canvas and each year since then I create an annual version, I was hoping to have a little slideshow of them by now but since I got her done down to the wire I didn't have a chance yet.  So each year she looks pretty much the same just a lot smaller 9"x12".  Well this year I decided that I wanted to create her with her eyes closed and I painted her on a 10"x10" canvas. 

The reason that I struggled with this piece was because I decided that I wanted this piece to be the one that I donate to Charity Wings and I was trying too hard to make it perfect...I even painted her with eyes at first...but they just didn't look good enough for me and I was going to keep working on them but then my heart spoke to know, I should've known better to try anything than what my heart first wanted in the first!  So like as I was saying 3 am she arrived...and you know what?  I am truly happy with how this piece came out!  I really hope that this will be good enough for Charity Wings but at least I know that I am happy in my heart about this!

I was hoping to post some jewelry that I created in my Etsy Boutique too but not only has time began to speed up even more since my B-day last week but we have also been getting busier...especially this I probably won't be able to add those until next week!  Hope you all have a Blessed Valentine's Day and weekend!

Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina


  1. She's beyond beautiful!!! And such a blessing to gaze at!

  2. Aww Thank you so much Debi! I so appreciate that!