Saturday, February 23, 2013

Charity Wings + Prima Art*Venture = Valentina 2013

******WONDERFUL NEWS****** since my last post I have had a whole lot of things come up in my personal life that my husband and I needed to attend to.  Now that we are definately going to be having a very special little girl in our life we are making sure to take care of any loose ends and finish up some projects that had to be completed.  I also needed to make sure and finish up some personal art business related things so that I can be ready for the next phase of my life!

So in mid March we will be taking a trip to the state of Washington to meet our little is a bittersweet situation so I can not post too much more about this and at this time I cannot post too much about her or post any photos.  This much I can say...we are looking forward to meeting her and cannot wait to have her in our lives!


So excited and humbly honored...Valentina is finished and Elena from Charity Wings has seen her and has approved of this painting which I will be donating this as "Wing Art".  When I last posted 'Valentine 2013' I thought I was finished with her but I kept feeling like something was missing and I wasn't happy with the skin tone...I even got a little discouraged...then finally today I was able to finally know what I needed to do to make her be as beautiful as I first envisioned in my the skin tone just right and did some touch ups here and there.

I felt it was important for me to include Prima in this piece since it was at the Prima Art*Venture event that I came across the Charity Wings booth.  So I added a beautiful flower garland in her hair using some of the beautiful flowers and the beautiful crystal necklace from the 'Say It With Crystals' embellishments from the goodie bag that I got from Prima's Art*Venture.

I am still in a state of wonderment...sort of dreamlike...can somebody pinch me about this happening!!  I think I won't believe that it's real until I actually take my artwork to Elena and meet her!!!  I'm really excited about this and feel that this is the step in the right direction for it is doing something good with my art...something meaningful...and I believe that the Lord has led me down this path...led by his angels as they so often appear in my artwork!

*****LIFE BOOK 2013*****
I haven't had a chance to do any other lessons since week 3 so I am pretty far behind since we are now on week 8 but luckily week 4 is not too complicated and week 7 was a break so I only need to do 4 lessons...yeah...only 4!  LOL!  I guess I could've not painted this little cutie but I couldn't help it...I wasn't happy with my original 'Guardian Art Angel' so I recreated her but this time on canvas...I also put some pretty Prima flowers on this piece too!  Her name is Annabelle and she will be hanging  on the wall above my desk to remind me to fly! 
Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina Marie Arzaga

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