Friday, August 9, 2013

Baby Steps Goals + 100 "Likes" Celebration!

Hello Everyone...I am so happy to announce that I am celebrating a small baby step goal that I was able to achieve...I reached 100 "Likes" on my FB Artist page!!  Now this may seem like a silly goal but I am very happy about it so I am going to share about it and celebrate it and I'm offering 25% off everything in my boutique for this weekend only!
I have written about many things on this blog and I may not have a big reader following but I am also doing this blog for document my growth and the struggles I have dealt with along the way as a woman of God, a wife, a daughter, sister, aunt/nina and now instant mommy, a friend, and as an artist...of course I do not put all the details but enough to document what I've been dealing with.
Most of my current struggles is about learning to perspective has changed and becoming an 'instant mommy' was what catapulted that change.  I am happier now as a mother and I feel blessed to have such a beautiful, sweetheart, sunshine girl (as I call her) who is also very talented artistically for her young age of 4.  Now that things are getting better with all of us adjusting to each other and our new routines I feel I can continue on my personal artistic journey alongside.
Recently I had the most wonderful conversation with my cousin Sarah who herself is an artist along with her husband and both darling and gorgeous was a much needed message that I needed to recieve since she completely understood my own personal struggle as a mother with a creative soul.  She understood my conflict of interests of wanting to still be creative but at the same time putting all my attention on my little girl.  She encouraged me to continue being a good mommy but also to take the time to continue to create but to also be realistic.
This made me realize that I needed to take 'Baby Steps' not overwhelm myself with unrealistic goals.  I'm not going to ever stop dreaming big but taking 'baby steps' will help me get to my goals in a more realistic way for me.  I need to go back to the beginning of what it is that I enjoy doing...she also told me something that I felt was freeing to me in a way...she said not to feel like I need to share all my artwork with the keep some of it for myself!  I really like's like giving myself permission to create at my own pace and not feel as though I need to share every detail!
Soo that's why I'll be sharing my 'Baby Steps' and celebrating next baby step is to sell at least 1 item a matter how big or small...just to get myself in a routine to put my art that I'm ready to share with others out there and this will help me work my way up!
Alongside with that "Baby Steps" goal I have a goal to do at least one creative thing a day...even if it's just coloring with my little girl in one of her coloring books! :)  Have a blessed day everyone and thank you for sharing this part of my journey with me! :) 

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