Saturday, September 6, 2014

Redirection...go in Faith...

Hello Everyone!  Well here is my entry to the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search that I made a big hoopla in the last post.  I didn't get chosen to the next round but you know what?  I'm fine with that...I am a woman of Faith...and I believe that when there is a 'no' it's really a redirection...I am now working on other projects and still believe there is a future for me in pursuing my dreams.  As for this painting...I know it's not my best work and I really liked the way it came out but it's probably not what I would have chosen to paint on my own!  So I looked at it as more of a really over priced workshop that I won't be joining next year...not that I'm being a sore loser or anything...but I just realized that I can't rely on others to make something I want happen for me!  I need to continue to keep my Faith on God...that he will lead me on the right where he wants me to go!

Sooo, which leads me to...I am soo excited to share that I will be guest designing for 'Whimsy Stamps' for the rest of the year...if it's meant for me to be there...I may continue on!  I will be starting on as a 'Digital Stamp Designer' and I am so excited about this as I have always wanted to design my own stamp line!  I have decided to also add some of my digital kits to my etsy shop as soon as I'm done finishing up my first 10 sets of digi stamps and I 'tweek' some of my favorite digi kits!!  So I am already 'redirected'...and I will go FAITH!  Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina :)

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