Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hope with Purpose!

Hello Friends!  Boy have I been busy...the month of February is just as busy for me gift wise as the month of December because I have a birthday almost every day from my dad's to mine to my little girls and my brother and more!!  So I hadn't been able to produce the workshops I was hoping to have done by now except for the one for the photo I posted above called "Lovely Layers" but I'm most likely going to post the sale for that workshop on my etsy shop.  There are 2 more that I really need to focus on this month though for His Kingdom Come and more exciting things to come over there! 
I have so many changes I need to work on for my Art and Creative Business to be taken more seriously.  I just discovered that I've been running my business on the "Hope" marketing system and although I will never give up on "Hope" completely I realized that I need to set up a more purposeful business plan...because unfortunately "hoping" people will buy my artwork is not feeding my family or paying any bills!!  I am very excited that I've discovered this and fully believe this will bring an end to our little family's "just getting by" lifestyle...I believe that the Lord told me he wanted me to be brilliant this year for a reason!!
You see what happens to me is that I go through phases:  I get motivated and have this strong faith inside of me that I can not explain and I know that I know I am on the right path...I get so full of ideas I can hardly keep up!  I believe this is when the Lord is "downloading" wisdom and the know how to create all my ideas and I'll be going with the flow.  Then comes the part to sell my artwork and whatever else I've been creating and I'll flop or I guess you can say that's when I let down my defenses and all the negative thoughts and self doubt hit me and this hits me hard.  I do bounce back quicker than before but I'm at the point that I realize I can't allow this thinking in my life...our household needs me to have a steady income coming in from this business...especially now that we have a little girl.

So let me tell you how I discovered what I've been doing wrong all this time...I began by looking at YouTube videos and came across a few by Marie Forleo really spoke to me the most (I'm sharing the link in case anyone's interested)  Building a Business from the inside out  so much of what she said was exactly what I was unknowingly struggling with.  The part that spoke to me the most though is when she spoke about creating a "Painted Picture" - so that's what I need to get working on as I really believe that this will make a difference!  I will be documenting more of this as I go along with implementing what I've learned and as I continue to learn.

I also realize that the Lord gave me the gifts he gave me to share with others...not to hide them!  Soooo keep an eye out world...this child of God will now be sharing the Light of God's love in my heart through everything I create by visual arts, written works, and even using my vocals!
Praising the Lord and Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina :)

P.S.  I have still been busy creating...check out my YouTube channel for my process videos where I share my projects!  Don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe too!  Thanks!  :) 

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