Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Time for me to "Just Bloom" with my Art Business!!

Hello all my Family & Friends!  I have been praying for years for the Lord to lead and guide me on how to help our household with earning an income with what Creative and Artistic talents he gave me...especially because I have many private/health issues I deal with and now even more with having a very special little girl as our daughter now that I really need to be here for.

I feel the Lord has finally brought me to a place of understanding and led me to some very wonderful teachings about this.  The teaching I recently received was from Rich Mom, Renae Christine that just blew my mind!  I realized why I have been struggling with my Art/Creative Business and feel happy  to finally have that missing piece of the puzzle I have been looking for!  I am so excited because I know that I could do what she taught and can't wait to see the successful results from this information!!

So there a few main things I need to do to get things rolling...the first is to create an awesome business plan (I created a rough draft but I want to really paint a picture of it!!)  I also need to create and get me some business cards finally printed!!  I also have a dear friend who once told me I need to make T-shirts with my art and name on them so I'll be doing that ;)  Also, I need to create my "Base Product Line" which I will launch as soon as I get those completed...I am going to take great care in my selection process as well as continue to ask for the Lord's guidance as I need these "Base Product Line" Products to be what I feel best represents me as an artist/crafter/woman of God!

Meanwhile as I am getting all those 'business matters' put together...I also will be continuing my process videos for my YouTube channel as well as some exciting new Workshop Tutorial Videos for His Kingdom Come!  So you could see the Lord has definitely led me to where there are many open doors and he is raining down on me all kinds of ideas and keeping my creativity all brilliant with that sparkly rainbow colored rain to keep my creative flow from drying up!!  Love it, love it, LOVE it!!

Cre8tvlyYrs in Christ!!  Gina



  1. Hi Gina, I only "met" you a few weeks ago and have enjoyed your Whimsy Wednesday Watercolor class. I also read some of your older posts so I know a little bit of your journey. I look forward to see where God is leading you now.

  2. Aww thank you Ronda! I am so happy to "meet" you too! :) God bless you! Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina