Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Time For Changes... is fast time goes by...and since last time I wrote so much has changed and continues to change!  Well, I really wanted to be a part of the Graphic 45 Design Time but unfortunately I wasn't chosen...but I know's a good thing I wasn't!!  I had NO idea how much time homeschooling my daughter would be.  Since she started homeschool so late in the school year, she is in an accelerated course of Mondays through Saturdays for 6 hrs a week!!  So the first week I was crazy busy and I wouldn't have had the time or energy to create anything at that time.

So now...weeks later, I finally have a bit of an idea what I'm!  At the same time, we as a household desperately need more of an income as we have so many personal as well as household needs so I am praying every day for the Lord to help me with this!  In fact, I feel he has led me to the Art Community over at His Kingdom Come where I have been working on some online tutorials for and I just finished editing my Mini-Chunky Art Journal workshop and it is finally available here:

I also will be offering art workshops coming in June...I also applied for an Art Instructor Position at Michael's and if it is God's will it will happen!  I am planning on applying for Art shows this year coming in the Fall as I really can't be outside in the Summer (due to Sun sensitivity).

Also, for some reason, I have been inspired to work on some totally different types of artwork that I haven't done before...I have been feeling like working on more abstract/expressional types of work and on the opposite spectrum I've been wanting to create more with wood...pieces that are more decorative for the yard or home...I'll post photos as soon as I get my 1st collection together for that!

I am also currently working on a few pieces of work and one is very special that I'd like to's for Vangaurd Art Gallery's "The Empty Bowl Project" Fundraiser.  I am almost done with it...
"Aqua de Vida - Hope for the World"

On a more personal level...we also have been busy remodeling our little girl's room...we are soon celebrating a whole year of when we adopted her!  There still is very sensitive issues regarding that so sadly, I will never be able to post photos of her here but I can post some photos of her room's progression:

2 years ago I painted this tree in the corner of her room with shelves for the branches...of course she ended up breaking off one of the shelves so it was already looking a bit it was time to say good-bye to the tree...

 So here is the corner...with a nice fresh coat of paint of "Little Princess Pink" for our Cici Bloom for a fresh start of a new beginning...of a new part of our lives journey!

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