Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Trying to put it all together...

Helllooooo....yes I'm here still...once again time has ran away with me!  Actually I have been MIA due to having to Home School my little girl in the last trimester since April!  We had an accelerated program which meant I was Home Schooling her for 4-5 hrs per day for 6 days a week!!  So I am finishing up the end part so now I'm ready to focus on my Art business.  I am hoping to get everything up and running and actually selling my artwork and crafty creations by the time her homeschool begins again.

Yes, I am going to continue to homeschool...I could tell that she is still not ready and honestly I'm not sure when she will be so I have decided to take this one step at a time.  For sure I will continue with 1st grade and just see how it goes.  I know that even though it was really hard on her and I to take on  Home school so late in the year (not my choice but the principal's of her supposedly high ranking school) it actually was necessary due to her behavior issues.  I felt it did help her to connect with me more but I still notice a lot of behavior issues are still gonna take more time to fade out.

So now I am just trying to put it all together...especially since:

*I have been attempting for years but not fully to get my arts & crafts to be a successful business for our family (the reason I say not fully is because I just want to create but always lack on the business part.)

*I've had to put my art business on the back burner for the last 3 years since we fostered to adopt our little girl and now that things have settled down I really need to make my business work. We are on a single income (my dh) as I have health issues plus my daughter's behavior issues has led to me having to homeschool her indefinately.
*I don't want to waste anymore time so I want to make sure I get started on the right path...I'm already 46 and a new mom/housewife so I also need to be realistic with my time.
So I've been doing a lot of research the last month or so and I have so many goals and ideas that I don't even know where to begin!!  But I do need to get myself to see what I do as a real business not just a hobby.  A few of the main things I need to work on are:
*Make Business Cards (get a bus license)
*Update my Etsy shop
*Get back to creating!!
I'm also working on a lot of personal health goals at the same time so that's all part of the reason I feel so frazzled...but I'm determined and I know I can do it...through Christ!!  Well that's about all of the rambling for now...God bless!  Gina

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