Friday, October 2, 2009

*Autumn's Garden Angels* - Version 1

Hello everyone!
I hope you are enjoying the beautiful Autumn weather as I have! I am most happy since I can actually go outside again! I have a few new pieces of artwork to share with you but I had an unexpected design job that I had to focus on this week so I didn't get to do everything I had planned on. I was also babysitting my baby niece Zoey again today and barely had a chance to post here now! Life is getting busier and busier for us lately!! In fact, we have 3 parties to go to this month! 2 of them being Halloween parties! I am trying to think of something for my Artie & I to be together. I don't want it to be evil or 'sexy' but not too cutesy either...anyone have any ideas? I'm probably gonna have to actually make the costumes for us so nothing too complicated either! ;)

I have also been getting other design jobs and even have some commissioned pieces to do! I am soo excited about that! I just finished designing birthday invitaions and I have another design job for b-day invites plus a slideshow, then a really big job for my brother's dj business...which is a pretty big deal + 2 commissions for the "Margarita" paintings...all due this month! Which makes me wonder if I'll have the time to paint other ideas?? lol!

I actually have no choice but to! My husband Artie has come up with an idea for us to do a private art show in our home for our family and friends to see and purchase my original artwork or order commissioned pieces! He wants it to include cheese platters and wine! He's sooo awesome for his support and enthusiasm of my work! We are planning this in November, not sure of the exact date yet but he's serious about that means it will definately happen! :)

This of course means that I may not be blogging as much as I gotta put myself in gear and superfocus some more artwork!! But I did want to show you my latest work...

*Presenting...The two newest editions to my "Angelic Art". They are Autumn themed 'Garden Angels'...
This is 'Autumn'
This is Lil' Pumpkin
This is actually the 1st color combination version featuring fun bright colors. I am working on another version in more brown tones. I usually paint my current subjects first on canvas paper to experiment with the color combinations until I decide which colors I like best before actually painting on actual canvas. I will have these all available on etsy soon!
*****Happy Fall & Autumn Season...May God Bless you all!*****


  1. Gina, these newest ladies are so bright and colorful!I especially like the ladies with the long flowing hair like the one you use for your Create by Faith badge thing.
    Happy Autumn
    Angel Blessings Dena
    PS: Do you like using flickr?

  2. Hi Dena! Thank you so much! So far Flickr has been working out. ;) Gina