Tuesday, September 29, 2009

*Fall'n behind...but with a Give Away!!*

Here I am!! Oh my goodness how fast the time flies!! I finally broke through the 'art freeze' number my brain was in!! For some reason, I was soo excited about the ideas of painting Autumn themed art but I couldn't get anything out!! That's part of the reason I hadn't posted any artwork plus I still have to take care of cleaning my house, cooking dinners and spending time with my husband and family and of course my puppy angela too!
In fact, I was planning to paint all Saturday since my husband Artie had to work that night...but when my adorable Goddaughter/neice Lexi wanted to stay the night...I couldn't say no! So instead of drawing and painting (which I need to do completely undistracted!), there was no other choice but to play payday while watching 'Speed Racer' and then since I promised to do a project with her...which she chose to paint (who knew?)...here she is into her own little artwork:
So I just wanted to post this to let you know that I am a bit behind with what I was planning to do. :) But I promise I have alot more artwork on the way...I have only begun to paint!! lol! It's crazy cause I have like literally hundreds of ideas for paintings I want to do...I literally have dreams and wake up and go "oh, that would be cool!" - lol! But I am sooo excited with a few drawings of Autumny Angels I drew last night and I can't wait to paint them!! Here's a peek at them:
I've got so many ideas for Autumn alone so I'm going to focus on painting a few before actually 'revealing' them. Here's a peek at one piece I'm working on:
*Also in the continuation with my 'Latina Flair' series, I've decided to use the women of my own family for inspiration starting with my beloved Grandma Prudy...she was one of the most beautiful women on this earth. I kid you not when I was a little girl I thought her name was Grandma Pretty! lol!
*I drew my version of one of my favorite vintage photos of her. I drew this on Sunday as I was waiting for the 'art freeze' on fall art break through! lol! Again I was surprised of how well it came out. This is literally my first attempt at portraiture work. I'm planning on painting this for a Christmas gift for my grandpa. Here's a peek of that:
*I'm also gonna be working on one of my favorite pics of my mom in her 'Disco Beauty Queen' days, and one of my favorite pics of my sis and I together. I'm not saying this conceitedly, so please don't take it that way, but there is alot of beauty in my family...not just on the outside but also the inside. The women in my family are so beautiful that we all at one time in our youth could've "done something with it" according to the world's standards but instead I am sooo proud of what I've seen all of us do with our beauty....
*We kept it inside...by sacrificing our own selves...my grandma Prudy was the greatest example of that...she gave of herself in her cooking and creating wonderful times for us to share and passed that torch down to my mom and then my mom to both my sister and I. My sister is more like my mom and grandma but mainly because she was blessed with children and I'm like that but in a different more 'spiritual' and artistic way. Well, I didn't mean to go into a 'family' biography of beauty! lol! That's just what I hope to capture with my work.
Well, I know that this is like the longest blog post I've ever rambled on in!! lol! So I do have a little something to give away!! Especially if you've taken the time to read this whole blog entry! I just couldn't post without a little give away! This is a fun piece for fall...of course a pumpkin! Please excuse the picture but I was in a hurry to get this all posted! It is an actual painting but on canvas paper, it has a little collage going on in the pumpkin and has a little bling! It includes the scripture: The Lord Bless & keep you. -Numbers 6:24
Just post a short but sweet comment...letting me know how the Lord has blessed you! I will let my Artie do the honors of picking a number! The winner will be chosen this Friday, when I hope to have all my 'Autumn Art' ready to post and present to you! and with that...May the Lord Bless and keep you! :) Gina


  1. Hi, the drawing you did of your grandma is it, is very good and your blog is quite charming.
    It has a good feel about it and it was neat to read your postings wish I had that flare at my blog.
    Hugs Dena
    Praise God for husbands family and christian blogging~friends oh and pets too :)

  2. Hi Dena! Thank you so much! I actually learned how to create my blogs like this when I used to digi design...it took a lot to figure out so don't worry you too can get it! Definately praisin' God for the same too! ;)