Monday, September 14, 2009

A peek into my little art world...

Hello there! Just thought I'd share a peek into my art room and what I've been up to in there! I have been wanting to finish up adding little fun touches to my Art room and so I was so thrilled with the outcome of my little gallery wall...
Here's the finished part of my gallery wall but before it wasn't so cute & whimsyness! As you can see below...I had some 'creative clutter' creeping in there that arose from the 'creative frenzy' I was in that I had to take care of...especially since I can't work well when things get too messy. I like to see my art supplies too!
I was most 'happy' with the way these soo cute and whimsy shelves I 'altered' came out! My niece Selena has already hinted to me which one she would love me to make her. I will post more of these pictures in my flickr gallery later so that this post won't be too!
There is much more work I'd like to do to decorate my little art room but we need to focus on taking care of our other 'household' responsibilities first. When the time is right the wall color will no longer be off white and the flooring will be different, that's for sure! In the mean time I've added little 'pops' of color with my artwork, arts & crafts supplies and other handmade items!
Well, I hope you've enjoyed my mini tour of my little art room! I will be blogging some more art work that I'm hoping to finish up soon in the next couple of days! God bless and b cre8v! :) Gina

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