Wednesday, September 23, 2009

*Margarita* + {Mexicana Girl} = 'Latina Flair'

For my Mom & Dad! Thank you for asking me to do this for you!
Well I am really loving 'Margarita', she's my Mexicana Girl from my Latina Flair Face Series! I really had a lot of satisfaction upon completion of this piece. I loved creating the background and then found it hard to even paint on top of! Then I painted in the hair and skin and blouse but hesitated on the face for a bit until I felt more confident. Upon completing 'Valentina' I recieved the confidence to move forward on 'Margarita' as if directly from 'Valentina' herself! ;)
Since this was painted on a 16"x20" canvas I really felt like I was putting on make up on her face! That was the funnest part! I used to be really into make up and even took cosmo classes to be a make up artist so that part came in really handy for the shading, highlights and placement of the 'blush'! lol! I decided that the black outlining was not necessary to make her stand out for this piece as the shading and highlights and deep brown tones on the hair did that for me!
The quote I used was one that my mom chose...she's a singer so this is really appropriate for her! The only mistake I made was that my mom gave me that quote to use on a different project that she wants me to do for her and I misunderstood and thought she wanted me to change what she had originally wanted me to put on it, which was supposed to say 'Latina Flair'! Ughh!! Good thing it was my mom!! She really liked it with the quote on her painting anyways so it worked out...but I gotta make sure next time!!
I think I'm gonna have to paint another one now and put 'Latina Flair' on it but I'll try some different colors for the background! It's amazing how fast I am picking up on my faces without taking any formal classes. The first time I painted 'Margarita' I was thrilled with it but this one really topped it. The detailing I put into the eyes was about an hour long's worth of work!
***Special Thanks***
I want to take the time again to thank Paulette Insall for sharing her talent on her videos on youtube. She offers classes and if I had the money I would've definately taken them! Her videos alone have been sooo helpful and the only reason I was finally able to get my eyes painted more confidently! Thank you Paullette!!!
*******Coming Soon*******
Pumpkins and Angels and Sunflowers...oh my!!!
I loooove the Autumn/Fall season and I loooove drawing and painting sunflowers and pumpkins so of course I gotta do an Autumn Angel canvas!! Please come back on friday to see some samples aaaaannnd I will be having a 'give away'!! Can't wait to show you!!
I'm especially happy because that makes it easier for me to actually go outside again now that Fall is here!! I hope you all will have a wonderfully blessed Autumn too!! Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina :)

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