Saturday, September 19, 2009

When love blooms...

you can be sure to find 'Valentina' The Guardian Angel of Love. I am sooo happy with how she came out!

I was thinking of adding a quote about love or at least the word love on this but my husband thinks it would take away from what the painting is he put it..."it already has love written all over it!" Isn't he cute? I love my man...he's the best!! I was blessed with such a wonderful husband who is understanding of all my 'issues' and of course too, my love for art...of course he knows he's the #1 Art that I love!!

My Artie (as I call him) is so much the reason that I have even been able to open up myself in my artwork and paintings. He believes in me and my God given talent. Really what I create with is all from God as I have only taken a few art classes here and there throughout my 40 years but never really got to 'study' like I would have loved to!
My dream was always to be in an art know like in 'Fame'? I loved that show back in the 80's and I'd dream of being able to go to a school to just express myself with my art in all forms...singing & dancing in musicals or in operas, painting, drawing, writing poems, songs and stories, sculpting, playing the piano and chello...those were all the things I'd always dreamed of doing. At least I am doing some of my dreams! That's part of the reason I named my first 'Latin Flair' painting 'Dreamer'! If only I had the courage to pursue my dreams when I was younger...but I hate to think that it's too late so I keep hoping to reach all my dreams some day still!

Well, enough of the! I actually had been working on 'Valentina' on canvas for a while and then was afraid to paint he face in...but then when I began to paint 'Margarita' for my parents piece I realized that I wanted to make sure and get the eyes and skin tone more that was the push I need to get 'Valentina' finished. I was able to get the look with that painting to now get this one here I am so far:

I actually am gonna finish up the details tonight and on this painting I will handmake the flower and decoupage it on the finished painting. I'll also be adding the word 'sing' and a beautiful quote about singing. My mom is a singer so this is gonna be perfect for her!

----The Creative Business Update----

*'Valentina' the main painting as painted on the canvas as well as the 'Sing' Latina Flair piece will be available as a print only in the etsy store soon!

**I will also be working on some fall themed angels and artwork this week to go into my etsy store as well as on ebay! the original paintings will be selling on e-bay starting bids will be $10 - $15 and the prints will be available on etsy from $5 to $10 each.

***Be sure to stop by this coming week and tell your friends as I will be presenting a special give away piece this coming week as well as 1 print!

****Keep in mind****
I also do custom artwork commissions which start at $20 and up depending on the size and complexity of the subject matter so contact me at for more information or inquiries. Please contact me soon if you'd like them done before Christmas! I need at least 2-3 weeks depending on the subject matter, so please keep that in mind too!

*****Have a blessed weekend everyone!*****


  1. Gina, what a Fabuluos blog and paintings! and yes... it is never TOO late to folow your dreams!! hope to see more wonderful works of art real soon! feel free to check out my own blog when u have some time, havent updated in a little while, but will as soon as i have some time! =)

  2. Thank you so much Kareen! Thanks for also stopping by...I'll stop by your blog soon too! :)