Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Dreamer Within Me...

"The Dreamer Within Me" - August 2009
Well I've been crazy busy over here trying to finish up some artwork as well as keep up with so many ideas for new artwork coming to my mind. I am still trying to set up a slideshow and gallery but have to watermark the pics first. As for my recent works...lately I've been so inspired and encouraged to try painting Angels and faces. At first, when I began to draw & paint again I was doing a lot of whimsy flowers and my favorite flying hearts. Then about a year ago I felt like drawing Angels & faces but kept putting it off mainly because I usually struggle with the face proportions.
I recieved my first confirmation in March of this year to pursue my "Angelic Art" when I felt this urge to draw and all of a sudden within 10-15 minutes, I had drawn 2 completely different angels! I really feel that these were divinely inspired because of how quickly and flawless they came out. It also seems like ever since I've drawn those angels that it has been easier for me to draw faces. So far I have began working with one of those images, titled "Valentina ~ Guardian Angel of Love". I have created a couple of looks of this image that I painted on Canvas papers, here is the first one...
*In this look she's got the dramatic auburn hair and soft pink dress. Created with acrylics and then outlined in black ink on a 8" x 8" canvas paper.
*I decided to try out a new look for her with pink hair! (I just couldn't resist!) Created with acrylics and outlined in black ink on an 8" x 10" canvas paper.
*Prints of these will be available on etsy soon!
Before I go any further, I feel that I have to give props here to the people who have been a great inspiration to me...although there is many I've come across through the years, these ladies have helped to propel the dreamer in me...Paulette Insall and Kelly Rae, just to name a few! When I first came across their sites about a year ago, I knew I wanted to go in that direction but didn't feel far as having to do with my self-esteem. But ever since I turned "Fabulously forty" I feel like my self-esteem blasted off! Anyways, I just wanted to take the time to thank them for sharing their talent and insight with me and others!

I especially want to thank Paulette for being so genuine and sweet! I had sent her a message with a link to my first painted face that she had inspired me to create and she totally made my day by even posting a comment about it! Seriously, that really was another confirmation for me that I am headed in the right direction!
*Here's a look at that piece that's titled:
"The Dreamer Within Me"
*Original drawing of my "Mexicana" face.*

*This is the background after some awesome inspiration from Paulette Insall's video on her site!

*Here's the completed piece of Artwork!*

There are so many dreams that I have dreamed...things that have come to pass and things that are to come. The dreamer within me will never is what brings me inspiration and the courage to keep moving forward. It is what brings me hope to continue in this journey of life.


  1. Your work is so cheerfully inspiring, Gina! I really do love the full bright colors you use! :D