Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Working on a special project...

I am so excited to be working on this special project...it just so happens that my 'mexicana' face is pretty well liked in my family! So much so that my parents asked me if I could create one just for them! At first I thought my mom wanted a print but she actually wants me to create her an original. So I am working on a 16"x20" canvas and soo excited to do this for them! Here's where I'm at so far:
The background is a bit more warmer and less blue tones than the last painting. I also added splatters of gold here and there and my dad specified that he wanted that 'brownish edged' look, so I did a brown wash on the edges for an aged/inked look. Some of the papers I decoupaged with are actually papers that I designed digitally...in fact the leopard, and red music papers were from a kit I created for my mom. I'm going to add a little more bling to this also. I can't wait to see this when it's complete! I know it'll look even better than my first painting which was an experimental/sample piece to begin with! Here's the art sample piece:
Right when my mom seen the sample art she called this style of face 'Latina Flair' and I have decided to officially name her "Margarita". Especially after a bit of discussion with my family when we last got together for a bar b-que and everyone kept mentioning that I should paint on wine glasses and stuff...I thought she'd be perfect to paint on margarita glasses! Definately a fun Christmas gift project! (I hope my family won't see that part of the post! lol!) They also want me to look into getting 'Margarita' on purses somehow! So who knows...it could happen some day! ;)

I've also been working on other whimsy stuff...got a new more whimsier looking angel that I'm working on...she's still in the experimental stage so I'll post the 'finished' projects. I'm also working on 'Valentina' on a totally pink acrylic painted 16"x20" canvas. I'm also painting another 8"x8" one, which I will be selling as an original.
Well I better get going now...gotta put on a pot of beans to cook to go with the beef roast I got in the slow cooker! I'm trying to learn to cook meals that I can use the leftovers for the next day...so this beef roast, beans and mashed potatoes dinner tonight will be *Red Beef Enchiladas with beans and rice* dinner tomorrow! I hope you all have a wonderful day/night! Cre8tvlyYrs in Christ, Gina


  1. Bonjour Gina!

    This is gonna be a wonderful art piece! What a treat for your parents! Adorable! Hugs, LuLu

  2. Hello LuLu! Thank you so much for your comment and encouraging words! I am such a fan of your artwork too and thrilled that you stopped by to see little old me!! :) Gina