Sunday, October 25, 2009

*A New Outlook*

Hello my friends! Since the last time I wrote I feel I've been given another chance to live a better life...that's usually what happens when we feel we were close to death...right? For me, yeah that was how I felt. I still can't believe this happened to me, in fact it was so the beginning of the month I was feeling well, actually on a roll with my paintings...even worked on some spiritually inspired abstract art.

Then all of a sudden, 2 weeks ago, I ended up going to the ER twice within a week. I thought I was gonna die of a stroke or a heart attack when I suddenly got hit with a horrendous what turned out to be a combination of a tension/migraine headache. This was triggered by my blood pressure being so high as well as my blood sugars and the current stress we have been going through. Without boring you of all the details...the 2nd trip to the ER two days later by ambulance really did the trick to wake me up about being on top of my health issues. So from the 13th until the 20th this horrible migraine would not go away until the follow up Dr. appt when I was finally given the right meds for the headaches.

I am so happy to report that now I feel well enough to be able to be on the computer for longer than 10 minutes and my mind is able to 'think creatively' again! I am thanking God each day for another day of life every day. Of course, I always have...but now it means alot more than it did before. :)

I'm also excited since I've been working on some new stuff...I'm calling it 'Scriptura Art' It's more of a home decor look and so far I have the greens/browns/bronze color combos started. I'm also gonna work on the blues/browns combos next. I realize that even though I have a lot of subjects in mind to work on that I still have to take things easy...just one day at a time. Actually the 'Scriptura Art' is for a holiday Craft Boutique on November 15th at my church. I'm going to bring what ever I have ready and not stress about it...I'm mainly doing it to present myself as an artist to my community over here. :)

So that's pretty much why I haven't been posting on my blog and barely posted here and there on facebook. Oh yeah, I will be posting the artwork I had just finished up right before this incident on Flickr and FaceBook but I wanted to especially share my abstract piece here because it is pretty interesting...mainly because I rarely do abstract work. It actually was more of a spiritually led painting because I had the urge to paint when I was getting ready to go to bed, it was though the Lord said, "Wait a minute, your not done painting yet!" So then I grabbed a canvas some paints and here's what evolved:

There is so much to this painting that you'll have to check out the details when I post it on Flickr if your interested. Let's just say that there is a lot of hidden images within this painting from the paintstrokes to the paint formations itself! I feel so blessed by this...I really do, especially since this was totally spiritually led. When I finished this I was amazed by what I seen and this title came to mind shortly after: 'The Cleansing of the World".

It's so amazing because as I think about it was as though the Lord was telling me, "I'm not finished with you yet" as I lay there in the ER thinking I just might die! The Lord is AWESOME isn't he? Love him sooooo much!!!


  1. Hi Gina,
    So glad you got the right med for the headaches.
    I know the pain of migraines!! It is horrible.
    I notice when it is raining I tend to get them,
    has something to do with the barometric pressure changing.

    Love you painting, isn't it amazing when you do one and you just know it is Spirit led??!!


  2. Hi Mary! Thanks for that insight about the rain...I'll be prepared to look out for that! Also thanks for your comps on my is truly amazing to create art that is spiritually led! :) Gina