Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas is almost here!

Once again time has flown by in supersonic speed! These last few weeks I have been finding it hard to really get my artwork finished up. I have no idea why this has happened but I am really happy and not worrying about it. I have been creative in ways of ideas brewing in my mind, making decisions about some of these ideas, and allowing myself to just be quiet and take in what the Lord wants to speak to me about. It feels really good. There is just way too much in my mind as far as ideas go and sometimes I don't take the time to write them down or reflect on them because I get to caught up in trying to do them all! lol!

*** Some Surprising News! ***

Actually, I have one idea that I couldn't involves both my paintings and designing again! Now this idea came to me as I'd paint my backgrounds for my paintings. After I'd finish up a background I'd think, you know, that would be a cool background for Digital Scrapbooking! Little by little I realized that I really liked that idea. It gives me the originality that I longed for and also fulfills my desire to design again. I really wasn't sure about designing again or how I wanted to do it. As I was trying to decide and praying about it, Royanna from Divine Digital happened to send me a friend request on my FB page...seriously! I decided to check out Divine Digital and liked what I seen. I went ahead and asked when they might be doing a Designer call and guess what...I'm now an Exclusive Designer for Divine Digitals! I'm soo excited and can't wait to put into motion all those ideas I've had brewing!

So this blog will still be for my artwork but I just wanted to share with you all that I will be reopening my designer blog for my design work and updates! *Updated 1/11/10: I am only using this blog! ;)

*Back to my 'Artsy' stuff!*
I was hoping to finish some really cute Christmas Angels I drew by now but I will post those as soon as they are finished! The main projects I will be doing is some artwork for some of my nephews and nieces Christmas presents! They all know that this will be a 'handmade' Christmas from me and they all had quite excitedly put in their 'requests'! lol!

Oh yeah! I've also been getting all these story ideas again...which means I need to get a word program on this computer!! So I am planning on beginning some illustrations for them in January! See? Didn't I tell you there are way too many ideas in this brain of mine?

I hope to post at least some of the artwork for gifts and the Christmas Angel before Christmas but in the event I am not able to hop over here to do that I would like to say Merry Christmas! :)

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