Friday, May 24, 2013

*S p A r k L y C h A n g E s*

Hello everyone! I am soo excited about the sparkly changes going on around me!! I know the Lord is working on some amazing things in my life right now! It actually began yesterday when my Artie and I decided to temporarily move my 'Painting area' into our guest room until we can get my 'Art Studio' built but we know that won't be for a that change has already brought me a much better creative flow!!

So even though my artsy craftsy stuff is still a little scattered it's actually working out because I've realized that I actually need zones...I have ADHD and I tend to get easily distracted, especially if I have all my stuff out surrounding me it can get a little crazy for me in my brain.  So to create a better work flow I have created work zones:

In my dining room area we have all my 'paper craft' & jewelry supplies and my computer on one side wall which will make it easier for me when I need to make jewelry, greeting cards and especially since I now have a darling little girl I am going to start a scrapbook for her.  This will also be where I store my business products and finished art & craft products to sell, making this my PaperCrafts/Jewelry/Art Business Zone.
Paper Crafts/Jewelry/Art Bus Zone
The area in our guest room is only a desk area and half the closet for storage...this will simply be my Art Zone - where I will do all my drawing and painting and some art journaling only...nothing else!!
My Artsy Zone

In our garage I also have a Craftsy Zone...this is where I create more craftsy types of things and sewing projects as well as use the more strong odorous products that need well ventilation like when I spray my paintings with varnish, use the glue gun, and create resin charms, and my wood blocks, etc...that area will definately need to stay there even when I do get my studio built, it's not a big area anyways so it should be good. 
Craftsy Zone
We are also planning on lots more changes including on focusing on new ways to sell my artwork so more announcements coming soon!   Having Cailan a part of our lives has made us have to change many things...but they are things that needed changing...she has been a blessing in so many ways and watching her being happy makes me happy too!

Have a Blessed and Cre8v Day Everyone! Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina

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