Friday, June 21, 2013

Season of Change...Summer's Here!

Cailan's 1st trip to the Beach!
Happy Summer!

Well today is officially the 1st day of summer and I'm so happy that it's still cool enough for me to enjoy it!  There has been so much going on and more changes are continuing.  :)

I thought I'd begin this little update of a few of the changes going on with a layout I made of Cailan's 1st trip to the beach...she was so excited and had fun with her cousin chasing and running away from the waves!

*This really has been a season of change for me...first I have finally got my hair cut and's been a long since I've been needing to give a photo over to Charity Wings and to update my portfolio's I made sure to take a photo with my new look to use.  I'm really happy about my hair which is really a challenge for me.

Embracing the Changes
My loved ones and close friends know why and usually I wouldn't speak too much about this but I'm in a different place and feel I should share what I went through if it will help even one person who happens to come along and read this.  10+ years ago my hair began thinning in the front...which to any woman is devastating...but around 7 years ago I had a surgery which really made more hair fall out.  It was so bad I needed to wear wigs and was constantly wearing hats.  Since last year however, it has began growing back...I still wear hats and headbands but my hair is filling in and now there are only a few bare spots!  It's amazing that now that I have began to embrace that it is what it is and not let it keep me from living my hair is coming back!   I thank God for that!

Angela and Bella got their Summer cute! addition to me getting my was also time for my little puppy girls to get their summer cuts too!  Aren't they cute?  They sooo love their shorter hair...especially as the heat is gonna be rising!
Well, I also want to share a little of  how good Cailan is doing here with us...she still has a lot of things to work through but right now she is really happy...and she has made me happier too!  Some days are more challenging but for the most part she has been a wonderful addition to our family...we are so blessed to have each other and I feel so blessed to have been chosen to be her mommy!

Still a work in "Creative Zone"
As for my artwork and art's all kind of been on hold...becoming an instant mommy has really been an adjustment for us and it is trickling out all around priorities of course, have changed as well!  Along with that, so has my attitude...I've figured out that since I have ADHD I need to make better plans, set goals and work smarter instead of harder.  So I've been doing research, getting inspired and learning from others on!  Really, there is a lot of great people sharing their wisdom and advise and it's helped me alot!  So right now I'm still in the middle of getting my 'zones' organized, as you can see from the last photo my 'Creative Zone' is still a work in progress...but then as soon as I'm finished I'll be able to get more accomplished and achieve my goals of being a licensed artist one day...or if the Lord has other plans with my artwork, I'll be ready to goooo!

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