Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Whimsical Wednesday in the Cre8tvlyYrs Arts & Crafts Design Lab!

Hello Friends and Welcome to my Whimsy little side of Blogland at the:

***Ce8tvlyYrs Arts & Crafts Design Lab!***

Starting today I will be putting a fresh new twist on my blog by posting a lot more often and they will be articles of almost anything Artsy Craftsy sometimes in the format of a Vlog or sometimes in tutorial format and will feature the following:

 *Artworks in Progress: A peek of what I'm currently working on

*Crafty Projects:
  -Card Tutorials
  -Crafty Tips
  -Crafts to Treasure (recyclable crafts)
  -Scrapbooking (Paper & Digital)
  -Mommy and Me

*Product Previews  *Techniques   * Tips  *Artista Interviews and more! :)

For today I will feature a little virtual tour video...a little peak into my ‘Cre8v Zone’ that I currently reorganized!  It's my 1st little tour and I did my best not to make it too lengthy so please let me know what you think...but please also be nice! LOL!  Have a blessed day everyone!


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