Monday, February 10, 2014

Signs From Heaven

I believe in signs from Heaven and I believe in looking for confirmations of what I'm wondering or praying about in three's...and the Lord has been giving me so many signs...more than keep flying and to continue to 'Imagine' where he wants to lead me the gifts he has given me.

So about month ago or so, we had a very negative experience due to our adoption was so upsetting that it totally took all my energy and stopped my creative began to make me doubt myself and whether I should even bother to continue what I'm it even meaningful and was it meaningful enough to continue to pursue my desire to do more with it?

The next day I shared how I felt with my husband...I felt defeated and was so touched when he lovingly told me "No, not to give keep going...I'll get there" of course not all the words exactly but he was basically telling me that he believed in me...and that meant a lot to me!  Then later that day my sweet baby girl who has absolutely no idea what I had been going through comes up to me and tells me that I'm the bestest artist in the world and I'm the best at making sooo many things!  I felt like I had my very own cheer leader!  Later that week, when I shared with my mom about how that weekend had affected me she told me not to dare let those things stop me.

I also received many other 'signs' everyday on Facebook...and even in different videos on the signs were flying in from every where even if people had no idea they were leaving a message for me!  Then a few weeks ago, a very good neighbor of ours stopped by to visit and I was sharing with him about the stuff we had gone through and I know now he was sent by God to give me a very encouraging message...he told me not to allow those negative things to interfere with my creative process because my art is so inspiring and it makes people feel good...he had no idea how I was allowing what we had went through to make me question whether or not I should continue to do what I do.

I know that no matter what happens in my life...the good the bad and the ugly...that I'm an artist and as an artist, I need to's like breathing to me...and if I should ever doubt myself I can just come here and read this post for encouragement because just this weekend I finished my Valentina 2014 and feel it's my best one yet!  I am so humbly touched by all the comments I've received about her already feels good to know that my work is touching others...and that's what makes me feel good about continuing to keep creating art that comes from my heart and touch others' hearts as well.

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