Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Life Altering Changes...

Hellooo everyone!  I know it's been a long time since I've posted on here...since the last time I posted my life had went through a whirlwind of chaos, trials and the tragic loss of my beloved little Bella...but the Lord has gotten me through all that and I feel love, peace and joy again!!  I also am looking forward to a lot of awesome things coming our way even as soon as this Friday...which I can't say more about until then but I can only say is that we will 'Officially' begin a new time of our lives!

So for the last couple of months from March 10th to be exact, our whole lives were changed all because our washing machine didn't stop pouring out water...we found out before the damage was worse but the damage was enough to get all new floors...which is when you are thankful that you have homeowner's insurance that covers all that for you!  We went through a lot of changes not just in our environment from our carpet and cheap linoleum floors as well as part of our walls getting torn out to a total of 15 loud fans blowing throughout the home (literally creating wind tunnels in our hallways) to having to pack up your kitchen, and all the things you have around those areas (which for me included having to pack around at least 15 boxes of my arts & craft supplies) to all the construction noise to finally having beautiful tile flooring throughout most of the home but we also went through many physical, mental and even spiritual growth.

These type of things are not life threatening but they do alter you...you change...you grow...you have no choice!!  I also learned...I learned a lot!!  I learned that I can handle more than I thought even before this happened but this was in a whole new light!  I learned that if you don't allow yourself to grow that if you stay settled...you know...stay in your 'comfort zone' that life will make you change and grow whether you want to or like it!

I learned that we can do so much together...my husband and I...yes, we accomplished a lot and got through a lot and we learned and grew a lot together...TOGETHER!!  This was important...and it felt like the Lord wanted us to learn this in a hurry because we went through 2 of the toughest trials together within days apart!  The 1st trial which I can not even mention (which happened on Good Friday) but all I can say about it was that we had to really push through that trial and rely on the Lord to get us through it...and he redeemed us.

Then the most heartbreaking was on a Monday...just after Easter Sunday when our beloved dog Bella got out of our yard and I ended up finding her on the main street just outside our neighborhood...she had been hit by a car.  It was so heartbreaking and I cried right there...the whole neighborhood and traffic seen and heard me...I felt as though the whole world slowed down time at that moment...my husband was home so he carried her home so that we could bury her in our yard.  In the midst of all this I witnessed love from others...neighbors and even a stranger...a sweet lady who pulled over to see if we needed help...she gave me a hug which was what I needed to move on.  That amazed me...that the Lord sent people to be there for us and they all really helped us...my neighbors sweet grandchildren helped us the most...they showed compassion and love and gave me hope for our future in this world...knowing there is still compassionate children...as heartbreaking as that moment was I learned a beautiful thing that day.

I also learned just how strong my husband is...his strength really helped me to carry on through that tough week.  My husband is also the most devoted man ever, he actually ended up doing most of the flooring himself (looong story) but he is just about done...all that's left is the room where all this began...yep, the laundry room!  He did such awesome work...and I know that he did it for us!

So even though I did not like the bad things that we had to go through I realized that they must have been necessary for me to learn and grow mentally and spiritually...that I needed some old crusty layers of my past to be broken off my whole being...so that I can see more clearly...in a whole new light...and I know what this means...a whole new way of being who I am...because when you go through all that I have been through from the moment our little girl stepped in to our lives to what I just went through recently, you are forever changed...your old mind set is altered and you can't go back.  I know this...I feel there is hope in our future and I am looking forward to receiving with open arms the Love, Joy and Peace from God with much more appreciation of it...Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina :)

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